10 Books for the October #WotNReadingChallenge


10 Books Turned Into Currently Streaming Television Series for Your #WotNReadingChallenge Prompt


Do you know the phrase: “the book is always better than the movie?” We at Word of the Nerd are curious about how television series compare to the adapted material. This month’s #WotNReadingChallenge prompt is “A book made into a currently streaming television show.” Read a book a currently streaming television show is based on and make your decision on which is better.

Here are 10 books turned into television series for your #WotNReadingChallenge prompt, sorted by the major streaming service they’re on. 

Series Found on Amazon Prime

Pride and Prejudice comparison - October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengePride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

In this classic novel, Elizabeth Bennet and her four sisters need to find husbands or they’ll end up in poverty when their father dies. Elizabeth meets the uncharming Mr. Darcy and gets a bad first impression from him. However, events lead her to reconsider that perspective. The series available on Amazon Prime is the Colin-Firth-as-Darcy version, which is a classic in itself.

Ordeal by Innocence comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeOrdeal By Innocence by Agatha Christie

A murder occurs, tearing a family asunder. A son is arrested for the crime, and the Argyll family tries to recover. However, a witness to the supposed criminal’s alibi comes forward years later. Now, who actually committed the crime is smothered in doubt, as are the remaining members of the Argylls.

The Man in the High Castle comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeThe Man in the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick

The Man in the High Castle is an alternate 1962, the divergent point being if the Axis powers won World War II. The series was one of Amazon Prime’s big television hits. As to the wisdom of making a show in the 2010s that prominently shows Nazi imagery, well, YMMV. 

Series Found on Hulu

Queen Sugar comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeQueen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

After her father dies, Charlie and her daughter Micah move to Louisiana so Charlie can manage her inheritance: a sugarcane farm. Meanwhile, Charlie’s half-brother Ralph Angel has troubles of his own, and he, his son Blue, and his troubles join Charlie as she tries to figure out her own issues. 

Preacher comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengePreacher, Volume 1: Gone to Texas written by Garth Ennis, illustrated by Steve Dillon

After going on a drinking binge the day before, preacher Jesse Custer is struck with a heavenly power he describes as “the voice of God.” However, that power may not be as angelic as he believes. When the dust settles, he goes on a road trip with ex Tulip and vampire Cassidy to literally find God. 

Runaways comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeRunaways Vol. 1: Pride And Joy written by Brian K. Vaughn, illustrated by Adrian Alphona

A group of six teenagers are horrified to discover that their parents are supervillains known as The Pride. Deciding that they cannot put up with this status quo, they decide to run away, hence the title.

Series Found on Netflix

The Walking Dead comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeThe Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye written by Robert Kirkman, illustrated by Tony Moore

Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to discover the world has fallen to the undead. In this volume, Rick travels to Atlanta to find his family and figure out his place in this new world. 

Dark Matter comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChalengeDark Matter Volume 1: Rebirth written by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, illustrated by Garry Brown and Ryan Hill

The crew of the Raza wake up and discover that they don’t remember a thing. Without their memories, they must discover where they belong in the world, and work out what side they’re on.

Wynonna Earp comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeWynonna Earp Volume 1: Homecoming written by Beau Smith, illustrated by Lora Innes

In Wynonna Earp, the eponymous heroine is a descendant of the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. She works with the clandestine organization known as Black Badge to take down supernatural baddies. The issues in this volume actually ran concurrently with the first season of the show, but the original series is not widely available, so feel free to cheat a little. It’s written by the creator of the initial comics.

All Three Streaming Services

A Study in Scarlet Sherlock Holmes derivatives comparison October 2018 #WotNReadingChallengeA Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This is the first of the Sherlock Holmes series, in which Holmes and Watson become roommates and solve their first crime. All three of the above streaming services currently stream a show based on the Sherlock Holmes series. Amazon Prime has House, Hulu has Elementary, and Netflix has Sherlock.

Do you have any other recommendations for books turned into currently streaming television shows for the #WotNReadingChallenge? Talk about them in the comments!

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