10 Characters I want to see in Injustice: Gods Among Us


At every gaming convention, more characters for the upcoming superhero fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us are revealed. When asked by my fellow staff members whom would I like to see in the game, I came up with 10 characters and possible play styles for each.

Caitlin Fairchild

Her play style should take advantage of her 2 forms. In her normal form, she is quick and agile and it takes advantage of her combat training, specialized weapons, and the environment.

As Fairchild, she loses a lot of her speed, but gains tremendous strength and durability. But she has trouble maintaining that form, so she will be given a timer in battle. After a certain number of hits, she will revert to her default form.



 His fighting style will be a combination of his greatest superpowers: Telekinesis and guns. Remember that guns are the greatest superpower the 90s has to offer.

He will have several ways to stop characters with his mind, from psychic bullets, forcing them to move forward, to making them hover in the air.

After incapacitating the opponent, he can get in close and for a physical beat down, and finish with a 6 bullet serenade.



Talon’s is a trained assassin and his attacks need to reflect that. His fighting style should be stealth based. He can move around the screen rather quickly and make powerful strikes.

He also can target so-called vital spots on his opponent to slow them down, limit their strength, or even cut through defenses.




To make it somewhat playable in Injustice, we are going to cheat a bit and combine the new 52 OMAC with Buddy Blank’s powers.

OMAC’s powers are based on density manipulation. By asking Brother Eye, he can increase strength, defense, or even fly. In Injustice, OMAC will have access to four different forms. The default mode is a the normal OMAC form. Power mode increases strength, Shield mode offers increased durability, and Speed modes increases speed. All forms will have energy blasts of some kind.

Effective strategies for OMAC involve using the modes. Since it will take Brother Eye some time to switch forms, OMAC will need to ask for the modes, then start an attack.


Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

Unliving and superstrong are Frankenstein’s two primary abilities.

Unliving means he cannot die. It also means he can shrug off damage a lot easier than anyone else. In a practical fighting sense, it means that attacks will not stop him. He will take damage, but his attacks cannot be interrupted.

Super strength is a lot easier to deal with. He should be a powerhouse in combat, delivering some powerful attacks with his sword or his fists. Combined with his ability to interrupt his opponent’s attack, he could deliver devastating combos.

This is in addition to all his Shade Tech.



 His main power is fire.

He is a sadist who likes to get close to his opponent to watch them burn and specialized in creating some up close fire attacks, like fire gauntlets to burn opponents, fire knives to do lingering fire damage, and even a fire shroud to let his opponent hurt themselves when they attack him.




 While not as versatile as other Lanterns, the Red Lantern does not have to be. His power blasts disrupt all forms of energy. In practical terms, he can interrupt projectiles and still be able to hurt his opponent.

A far more devastating attack is the corrosive blood that all Red Lanterns have. When his opponent strikes him, he takes some corrosive damage from the blood splashing on him. He can also spew the blood into an opponent’s face for the same effect.




This Sportsmaster will be based on his Young Justice variant. As a mercenary with over 40 years experience, he uses that to give him an edge in combat. While not as agile as he used to be, he can still fight with the best of them. All he needs to do is read the opponent, figure out their attacks and counter them.

This in addition to several sports themed weapons: explosive javelins for distance attacks, a ball and chain to counter close attacks, even a fencing blade for quick strikes.



Anton Arcane

Being the avatar of the Rot gives him some necromantic qualities.  He can leech some energy from his opponent and use it to power attacks. He can even sacrifice some of his own energy to create powerful spells. To make it fair, he will not be able to heal his energy.




Doctor Fate

 The vessel of Nabu the lord of order, Dr Fate is the most powerful sorcerer on the planet. Doctor Fate will be something of a versatile fighter in the game. His magic will provide binding attacks, knock down attacks, even straight damage attacks. In addition, he will be able to teleport around the field

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Joseph Furguson


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  • I’m hoping to see Deathstroke the Terminator in the line-up, would definetely like to see KGBeast maybe even see Aquaman get some video game props for a change, but solid list

  • I’d like it if they chose some playable fighters who weren’t the same characters we see in most other DC games, as Joseph’s suggested here with his list. Let’s see folks like Huntress, Deathstroke, or some of the Teen Titans. Or some Justice Leaguers who never get spotlight, like Elongated Man or Black Canary.

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