10 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Movies.

Because of the success of Marvel’s 5 movie plan, there is renewed interest in creating comic book inspired movies. Hopefully, they will be allowed to go down a different path than the same superhero origin movie that previous movies went down. The comic book properties on this list have the potential to make interesting movies that are not just the same superhero movie.

For the purpose of this list, we are overlooking a lot of the better known characters and properties. Wonder Woman, Y the Last Man, Maus, and Transmetropolitian appear on many lists of this type. For that reason alone, they are excluded from this list.  This list is meant to highlight some of the other worthy comic book properties that could make interesting movies.


1. Cloak and Dagger
Company: Marvel Comics.
Premise: Tandy Bowen and Tyron Johnson are runaways. After being tricked into an illegal medical experiment, their powers are awakened. They use their powers to protect other runaways.
Kind of movie: Probably a typical superhero origin story, with a strong anti-drug message. Also, a teenager coming of age movie.




2. Savage Dragon
Company: Image Comics
Premise: Savage Dragon: Superhero Cop. He specializes in taking down super powered criminals.
Kind of movie: Make it like Training Day, only keep Savage Dragon a hero. Or make it a documentary along the lines of Cops.




3. Bone
Company: Creator Owned.
Premise: After the three Bone cousins were forced out their home town of Boneville, they are swept into a fantasy adventure that combines the elements of the Lord of the Rings with the visual style of classic Disney animated movies.
Kind of movie: Disney-inspired high fantasy adventure.




4. Prime.
Company: Marvel Comics
Premise: After stumbling upon radioactive waste, Kevin Green gains the ability to transform into Prime, a super powered being of immense strength.
Kind of movie: Children-centered movie where his problems stem from a lack of knowledge about the adult world.




5. Shadowhawk
Company: Shadowline (Image Comics partner)
Premise: Paul Johnstone, a former district attorney, wants revenge against the men that ruined his reputation and life. After attacking him, a prominent mob family injected him with AIDS infected blood. With the limited time he has left, he creates the Shadowhawk persona to make that revenge possible.
Kind of movie: Revenge movie like Death Wish.




6. Witch Doctor
Company: Skybound Entertainment (Image Comics)
Premise: Combine Dr Gregory House with Herbert West, mix in a little Norville Rogers and you barely come close to describing how bizarre the comic books is. Dr. Vincent Morrow practices supernatural medicine, a mystic art combining common medical practices with common arts.
Kind of movie: Medical drama meets supernatural horror comedy.




7. Joe Palooka
Company: Public Domain (Modern variant published by IDW )
Premise: Loveable nice guy Joe Palooka never solves his own problems. Instead, he tries to solve other people’s problems.
Kind of movie: Sports movie along the lines of Rocky. Like the modern version published by IDW, make him an MMA Fighter instead of a boxer.



8. Quantum and Woody

Company: Valiant/ Acclaim
Premise: Quantum does things by the book. Woody does things lazily. They do not get along. Thanks to the accident that gave them their powers, they need each other to survive.
Kind of movie: Buddy cop comedy.




9. Sgt. Rock
Company: DC Comics
Premise: Far from your typical soldier, Sgt. Frank Rock routinely faces horrors your typical soldier does not know about. His squadron are specialists in fighting the hidden World War II, the one that is not found in the papers.
Kind of movie: Supernatural WWII movie.



10. Sylvia Faust
Company: Image
Premise: Sylvia Faust is your typical young adult with not so typical problems. In addition to trying to find a place in the world, she has trouble finding love and keeping a job. Things become more complicated when her magical powers get involved.
Kind of movie: Romantic Comedy along the lines of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.


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