10 Games To Play On Halloween


Halloween has a way of giving the entire month of October a spooky appeal combined with a thrilling atmosphere. It is a time for staying up late and playing horror games in the dark. And of course you score bonus points if it is storming outside. But Halloween is also about having fun which means games don’t necessarily have to be scary to be on this list. So turn off the lights, grab your controllers and get ready for my 10 Games To Play On Halloween.

Resident Evil Remake: Scared of snakes?

10. Resident Evil/Resident Evil Remake

When Resident Evil debuted on the Playstation, it solidified the survival-horror genre of gaming. As soon as the opening cut-scene was complete, you find yourself in a seemingly abandoned mansion. After a brief time exploring the halls, you will witness one of the most iconic scenes in video game history: a zombie that stops devouring a body and sets his sights on you! That is usually the first of many panicked moments that the original RE will deliver. Or did you try to go out the front door? The HD remake does an unbelievable job of capturing the original experience. It also packs even more danger and brand new areas to get your heart racing. Then there is Resident Evil Director’s Cut. This may be the most terrifying version of the game…terrifyingly horrible that is.

Halloween game 4
Resident Evil 4: This ogre doesn’t have layers.

9. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 takes a different approach from its predecessors in the series. RE4 no longer has the pre-rendered rooms and static camera angles. The camera is now in an over-the-shoulder view as you explore a more fleshed out world. This is also where the RE franchise shifted from survival-horror to a more action oriented style so the bosses are bigger and badder than ever. While the action is more upfront, you might still find some chills here and there. Most people would probably say that the scariest part of this game is escorting Ashley everywhere, but I get a little more weirded out by the Merchant. He starts off every encounter with “Hello stranger.” Yet, he always has just what you need and in areas along your path. How does he know where I’ll be? Why doesn’t he sell weapons to the bad guys? I have always felt like there is more to the Merchant stalker than the game tells us.

Halloween game 6
Conker’s Bad Fur Day: Everybody sing along.

8. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

So like I said, not all of these games have to be scary. Conker’s Bad Fur Day is probably the farthest from the horror genre on this list. It’s filled with funny parodies of movies like The Matrix and Terminator. But this is definitely a game that should be played after the kiddies are in bed. To put it in perspective, the opening cinematic is Conker getting completely hammered at a bar. You spend the first few minutes hungover and getting cussed out by a scarecrow. And that’s just the beginning! Conker gets drunk several more times throughout his adventure. There’s plenty of crude humor and sexual innuendos to come. If the companies that make “sexy” Halloween costumes were to use this game for inspiration, I can almost guarantee they would do the “Sexy Sunflower.” Sounds weird? Play for about an hour and you will see why. I also can’t see anyone being able to resist singing along with The Great Mighty Poo. And did I mention the Nazi teddy bears? This game is way better than passing out candy!


Halloween game 7
Deadpool: Wake up Wolverine!

7. Deadpool

If you’ve seen the movie or read the comics, you probably see why I included this on my list. In a similar fashion to Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Deadpool is here for the humor. Our multiple personality disordered anti-hero has just one mission in this video game. Deadpool wants to star in his own video game. Wait, it’s a video game starring a guy that wants to star in a video game? It sounds a bit confusing at first, but that’s how D-Piddy rolls. This game gives all new meaning to “over the top.” At one point, you make 1,000 pancakes. Just because. There are also plenty of cameos from the X-Men. At one point you will have the opportunity to slap an unconscious Wolverine in the face over and over and even take control of Rogue for a short time. And since Deadpool takes place in the comic world, you can count on your favorite Merc making a few changes to the story here and there.

Halloween game 8
Five Nights at Freddy’s: One two, Freddy’s coming for you.

6. Five Nights at Freddy’s Series

Almost everyone should be familiar with the Five Nights at Freddy’s series by now. With the exception of FNAF World, every game from this franchise will have you on edge. You will think you know when a jump scare is coming, but you’ll almost always be wrong. Each game changes things up just enough to keep things interesting. There are also a few 8-bit mini-games to calm nerves and maybe a few extra secrets to find. These games are basically the epitome of games that should be played on Halloween. FNAF4 even has a special Halloween edition so it’s almost like the animatronics are begging you to come play with them.

Halloween game 9
Left4Dead2: That’s not bacon grease.

5. Left4Dead2

Left4Dead helped bring the hack-and-slash style of gameplay to the world of zombies. Left4Dead2 expanded upon this style. While it is fun to tear down hordes of zombies by yourself with the other three members of your group being controlled by the AI, the real fun comes when your friends join in. You will be fighting over who gets what weapon. One of you will “accidentally” be triggering alarms that will bring hundreds of zombies to surround the group. And somebody will be whacking heads with a cast iron frying pan. No matter which campaign you choose, there will always be a few extra things to do when you want to take a break from slaying the undead. But if you want to survive all the campaigns, you are going to have to work together.

Halloween game 11
Parasite Eve II: That used to be a nice sweater.

4. Parasite Eve II

There probably aren’t too many people that have heard of the Parasite Eve series. It is basically like Resident Evil with RPG elements. The first installment lays the groundwork and explains how the main character got her magic attacks. But Parasite Eve II is where things get a hundred times better. The first area of the game has you running through a skyscraper in pursuit Neo Mitochondrion Creatures. About halfway through the first area, you will witness another woman become an NMC. By original Playstation standards, this transformation cinematic is grotesque and will most likely be enough to have you hooked for the rest of the game.

Halloween game 10
Mario Party 10: Who you gonna call? Boo-Busters!

3. Mario Party Series

Maybe you are hosting a Halloween party this year. Whether it’s a family friendly party or not, you should consider including a Mario Party game for the entertainment. You could easily organize tournaments in the 4-player mini-game series and you can even get creative and add additional stipulations to games. Maybe something like every time someone collects a Star, the other three players have to bob for apples, do the dance from “Thriller,” or sing karaoke. You could also set up a handicap wheel with things like upside-down controller and blindfolded on it. Before each mini-game, let the person in last place pick someone to spin the wheel for a punishment. No matter which game you choose from the series, there will be plenty of rivalries, mini-games and hilarious outcomes to be had. Just be careful on the Wii and Wii-U entries. You don’t want to accidentally let go of a Wii-mote and have it hit break your TV screen.

Halloween game 2
Until Dawn: It always feels like somebody’s watching me.

2. Until Dawn

This is the only game on this list that I have not actually played. But Until Dawn was designed to play out like a movie and that’s how I experienced it. This whole game revolves around the butterfly effect and every choice changes the game in some way. Obviously, if you can control the choice selection, the game becomes more immersive. But if you have to watch somebody else play it, either in person or on YouTube/Twitch, you can still get invested in the game. Keep in mind that because there are multiple choices that change the game, there are multiple paths, deaths and endings for most of the characters.

Halloween game 3
Resident Evil 2: There’s something outside that window.

1. Resident Evil 2

So I generally have a rule of only one entry per franchise and on this list I have broken that rule not once, but twice. But Resident Evil 2 deserves a spot on this list as many label it the best in the series, and it’s also my personal favorite RE title. The original RE defined the survival-horror genre, but RE2 perfected it. Not only do the graphics and the story greatly improve, but so does the voice acting. The interactions between Leon and Claire, as well as their respective side characters, Ada and Sherry, come across so believable that you will grow attached to them. To get the proper canonical story, you should play the Claire A scenario and then the Leon B scenario, but you can play Leon then Claire as well. The A and B scenarios follow different routes and visit a couple different locations. Each has its own puzzles, treasures and scares. For example, playing the A scenario will have you travel a hallway early on that will certainly grab your attention. In scenario B however, you will have a much more tyrannical threat to worry about while trying to navigate the different areas. There are also two other scenarios if you beat the first two with certain criteria met. One puts you in the shoes of a special service operative, and the other character is a lump of tofu. Yes, actual tofu.

So there are my 10 Games To Play On Halloween. Whether you choose one of the RE games, Until Dawn or one of the other horror games from the list, just knowing that it’s Halloween while you are playing will add a whole other level of intensity to your play through.  But if getting scared is not your cup of tea, choose one of the more humorous titles and embrace to fun side of the Halloween spirits.

So will you be going out to Trick-or-Treat, or is there a game on this list you want to Pick-and-Beat? Let us know in the comments below!

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