10 More Songs Every Nerd Needs – Star Wars Edition

We are back with 10 more songs every nerd needs on their MP3 player. We’ve gotten a lot of suggestions in our comments here and on Facebook, some of which are featured here today, and some which will show up in later lists, so keep them coming!

This week we are talking about songs about one of the cornerstones of Nerd Culture: Star Wars. George Lucas’ 1977 original, as well as its sequels (and to a lesser extent, prequels) have sparked the imagination of many a nerd, so it comes as no surprise that there is a plethora of songs about the movies. Here I will feature my picks for the 10 songs that no Star Wars Fan should be without.


# 10. We No Speak Cantina (Star Wars Cantina vs Yolanda Be Cool) by G3RSt

Mashup artist G3RSt has taken the Cantina Band song from A New Hope and mashed it up with We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool, mixed in some sound clips for the movie (as well as some other James Earle Jones clips, edited to sound like Darth Vader) and mashed them into the catchy little tune.

# 9 Jabba on the Dais by Mathew Beall and Petch Lucas

In this gem from 1999, Mathew Beall and Petch Lucas recreate Falco’s classic “Amadeus” as an ode to the Crime Lord who never seems to leave his dais.

# 8 Nerd Money by Kirby Krackle

Honestly, this song by Seattle nerd rockers Kirby Krackle would be a lot higher on any other list, however, since this is a Star Wars list, it got bumped down a couple of spots, since it is not about Star Wars but only mentions the Millennium Falcon in passing.

# 7 Tatooine by Jeremy Messersmith

Minneapolis based indie-rocker Jeremy Messersmith brings us this lilting ballad to Tatooine, and its twin suns.

#6 The Imperial March by Rage against the Machine


#5 Galvanize the Empire by Party Ben

In the first, activist Rockers Rage Against the Machine perform their cover of the Imperial March, in the second, DJ Party Ben, remixes it with “Galvanize” by The Chemical Brothers. In both we get treated to some really rocking tracks!

# 4 Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man) a cappella tribute medley song – Corey Vidal and Moosebutter

Taking the major pieces of John Williams Music and performing them a ccapella is difficult. In four part harmony is even more so, harmonizing with yourself pushes the difficulty into the nearly impossible. Doing it using almost exclusively dialog taken from Star Wars turns the nearly impossible to the truly incredible.

# 3 The Saga Begins by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Gotta hand it to “Weird Al”, he can even make the Phantom Menace seem like a good thing. Well, almost. Here is his parody of the Don McLean classic  “American Pie”.

# 2 Galactic Empire State of Mind – From CollegeHumor.com

In this Parody of Empire State of Mind, the folks over at CollegeHumor have Darth Vader telling his side of the story.

# 1 Fette’s Vette by MC Chris

Nerdcore rapper MC Chris, also known as Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s MC Pee Pants, brings us this ode to the greatest bounty hunter in the universe, Boba Fett.

Well these are my picks for the top ten Star Wars related songs every nerd needs on their MP3 Player. Disagree? Think your pick deserves to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below, and your pick may end up in a future edition of  “10 More Songs”.


About the author

Mark Driscoll

When not ranting about the current state of his favorite comics or working on The Magic Cantina, Mark spends a majority of his time renovating his newly purchased, 120 year old Victorian house. Badly. He is very bad at talking about himself in the third person, as he thinks it make him sound pretentious.


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    • No, and no. Cantina (I am assuming you were meaning the Richard Cheese/Mark J Davis version) was on an earlier version of the list, but got bumped for some reason that I cannot remember now (perhaps I will have an honorable mentions section in the future for such an event). Though, with as many great Star Wars songs out there as there are, we will probably have a sequel to this list. And I’ve never liked Gangsta Rap.

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