10 Non-Romantic Things to Watch While Going Through a Breakup

non-romantic things to watch during a breakup


10 Completely Un-Romantic TV Shows and Movies to Watch If You’re Heartbroken

Those of you who know me know that I recently got my heart broken. As if 2020 wasn’t hard enough, am I right? Throw a breakup on top. Well, I know the movies tell you that you should probably watch cheesy romance and all that to cheer you up, but for me, that’s the last thing I want to do. Romance is just a bit hard to stomach. If you feel the same, here’s some stuff I’ve been watching instead. 

10. Halloweentown (1998)

The first few recommendations I have are right in time for spooky season. Halloween isn’t a super romantic holiday, so my breakup was lucky timing. But also, maybe you’re not in the mood to be scared, either. Halloweentown is the perfect solution. I loved this movie as a kid, and watching it as an adult brings a level of much-needed comfort. Not only because of my breakup, but because of literally everything else going on in the world right now. Follow teenage witch Marnie and her siblings in their quest to save the creatures of Halloweentown from the wicked Kalabar, and feel a little bit of magic as well. Plus, it has Debbie Reynolds. Halloweentown and all the sequels are streaming on Disney+.

9. BuzzFeed Unsolved (2016 -)

non-romantic things to watch while going through a breakupIf you love true crime and ghost exploration, you’ll love BuzzFeed Unsolved. Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara investigate all the mysteries of the world so you don’t have to—from unsolved crimes to haunted buildings. All while absolutely roasting each other. What makes their dynamic so fun, especially in the supernatural episodes, is that Shane does not believe in the paranormal at all, while Ryan is a firm believer and easily scared. This is a great show that will kind of scare you (because hey, it is unsolved), but will ultimately improve your day. It’s spooky, funny, and informative. You can watch BuzzFeed Unsolved on YouTube or Amazon Prime. 

8. Hush (2016)

Now, if you DO want to get really freaked out, watch Hush. It’s a movie where the protagonist, Maddie, is deaf and mute, and gets involved in a horrifying game of cat and mouse when a masked killer begins stalking her in her home. It is crazy suspenseful. The first time I watched it, I chewed my nails down to the nub. You won’t be able to think about your breakup, trust me. Hush is available to stream on Netflix.

7. Forensic Files (1996 – 2011)

non-romantic things to watch while going through a breakupThis is another one for lovers of true crime, but who need that satisfying ending. Forensic Files takes true cases from all over the country and breaks them down, showing you the real, forensic evidence that helped solve the crime. It’s fascinating! It’s also a little cheesy with the re-enactments, but you learn some cool stuff! You might even be able to figure out how to murder your ex and get away with it! (For legal reasons, that’s a joke. Please don’t murder your ex, as much as you may want to.) You can stream Forensic Files on Netflix. 

6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005) 

Narnia is such a great fantasy series, and I think it gets lost among other popular things like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or more recent things like The Witcher. Plus, it’s about children, so there is no romance to rub in your face. True, the first three Potter movies don’t really have it, but LotR has more than necessary. Narnia is another childhood favorite of mine. Plus, the aesthetic makes me ready for Christmas, my favorite time of year. The Pevensies lived every kid’s dream, and the movies just really bring that back for you. Anyone else spend their childhood crawling through closets hoping to find a magical world on the other side? I can’t be the only one. You can stream all three Narnia movies on Disney+.

5. America’s Next Top Model (2003 -)

non-romatic things to watch while going through a breakupThis show is a freaking disaster and I love it. I watched an alarming amount of it as a pre-teen, and now as an adult, it’s just hilarious. If you’re not familiar, thirteen or so models compete in weekly challenges and photoshoots to win a modeling contract at the end. Tyra Banks is so dramatic, the models are so desperate, and Jay Manuel is just over it all. Another plus about this show is that it’s mindless. Literally requires zero brainpower to consume. And sometimes, you just want something on that you don’t really need to pay attention to. Top Model is exactly that. Also, it’s one trashy reality show that doesn’t revolve around romance. You can stream all seasons of America’s Next Top Model on Hulu. 

4. Dancing with the Stars (2005 -)

In the realm of reality television, you can’t leave out Dancing with the Stars. I love ballroom dance (and have been taking lessons for over a year now!), and this show has all the glitz and glamour you associate with the art. Plus, you see some celebrities you’re a fan of. Evanna Lynch was on it a few seasons back and I was so excited! This is a reality show that doesn’t have drama (like Top Model) and it doesn’t aim to make you cry (like Queer Eye). It’s about fun and learning something new and just being entertained—in a classy way. It’s a perfect, low key show to cope with a breakup. The current season has great dancers such as former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and Catfish host Nev Schulman. You can catch up on Hulu!

3. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)

non-romantic things to watch while going through a breakupOkay, shifting to a totally different direction. Do you need something pure? Do you need something sweet? What about nostalgic? Winnie the Pooh is the bear for you. I watched this 1977 classic recently and I swear I started crying. It’s just innocent and nice. Also, the “Blustery Day” story is so sweetly autumnal and gets you all ready for fall. I love this idiot bear with my whole heart, okay? Pooh isn’t going to break up with you. You can watch this and all Winnie the Pooh movies/shows on Disney+.

2. Kathleen Madigan: Bothering Jesus (2016)

Oddly, it’s difficult to find a comedian who doesn’t at least touch on relationships in some way. But if you need relief from that, Kathleen Madigan is your girl. Her special, Bothering Jesus, is absolutely hilarious. And who doesn’t need a good laugh when you’re going through a breakup? She covers topics like traveling, family, the Loch Ness Monster, and growing up Catholic. Every bit she does in this special will make you laugh. Personally, I think she is one of the most underrated comedians I’ve ever seen. Plus, she doesn’t have any weird baggage. She doesn’t talk about dating, relationships, or sex. It’s such a welcome relief. Bothering Jesus is available to stream on Netflix. 

1. Band of Brothers (2001)

non-romantic things to watch while going through a breakupThis show. This freaking show. If you haven’t watched it, it covers the real story of the men of Easy Company, paratroopers in WWII, in their journey from training to D-Day, to Holland, to the Battle of the Bulge, to VE-Day. My dad showed me this miniseries back when I was in college, and ever since then, it has been one of my go-to comfort shows. This may seem odd since it’s about war, but it’s more than that. It’s about a bond between people who went through some real sh*t together. And they made history doing it!

Each episode begins with interviews from the actual veterans, which adds to the emotional appeal. And though most of them are gone now (the show was made nearly 20 years ago), it feels like they’re really there talking to you. The last episode, particularly the last scene, will make you warm and fuzzy, but without the silliness of a romantic comedy. Band of Brothers is just incredibly sentimental. The production value is awesome. And your ex will look like a clown compared to these dudes. If you watch anything from this list, I hope it’s this. Band of Brothers is available on HBO Max.

Well, there you have it! Hopefully, this list is filled with breakup recommendations you haven’t seen before. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favorite thing! In any case, stay strong, take care of yourself, and don’t text your ex. 

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