10 Things I Hate About YouTube Casino Streamers


Casino streaming has grown in popularity over the last few years. Some streamers on YouTube have built up subscriber bases measured in six figures. But there is a dark side to the casino streaming niche, and if you don’t know what to look out for, you can be led down a dark path of deception. Here are 10 things I personally hate about YouTube casino streamers.

They Focus on High Volatility, High-Reward Slots

Number 1 on the list of 10 things I hate is high volatility slots are the ones that produce the biggest wins…eventually. And it is those big wins which casino streamers love the most. One big win can bring in thousands of new subscribers, eager to vicariously live out the fantasy of landing the big one. But you know who else wants players to spin high-volatility slots? The casinos! They know that their huge bankrolls and diversified risk profiles can withstand any number of consecutive huge wins by players. Can your bankroll survive hundreds of dead spins in a row? Probably not, unless you are playing with tiny wager sizes.

10 Things I Hate About YouTube Casino StreamersTheir Epic Win Roundups Mislead Viewers

Another downside of playing high volatility slots is that most of the time, absolutely nothing happens. These slots are like watching paint dry, and don’t make great TV. Streamers get around this problem by uploading highlight packages of the day’s action, which most viewers end up watching in preference to the actual stream. These all-action uploads give the mistaken impression that highly volatile slot games like Razor Shark are full of thrills, and always produce an epic win. Viewers then go on to play these games themselves, only quitting after the 100th losing spin. These highlight packages give a misleading impression of what playing high-payout slots is really like.

They Promote Unlicensed, Potentially Unsafe Casinos

Online casinos like Mr. Green spend millions on licenses with reputable gambling authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gambling Authority. But YouTube streamers often will choose to promote dodgy casinos based out of countries where no license to operate is required. These casinos will often sponsor the streamer in question and pay commission to the streamer for every viewer sent their way. Neither the casino nor the streamer will be obliged to follow any rules with regard to player safety.

They Swear Too Much, Purely for the Shock Value

A few years back, a certain (very popular) streamer based in the UK started to swear during his streams. For some reason, this swearing worked. Probably the swearing helped to illustrate the extreme emotions that one may experience in a gambling session. Unfortunately, other streamers immediately leaped on this style, and now, it is rare to watch a streamer who doesn’t curse their way through a slot session. The most annoying is probably the middle-class Swedish streamers throwing the F-word and the C-bomb around like they are from the ghetto when the edgiest thing they have ever done is drive their Volvo down to IKEA and ordered extra lingonberry sauce with their meatballs.

They Sometimes Play With Fake Money

Most slot developers and casinos let casual users play their slot games in demo mode, using virtual/fake money. Nothing wrong with that, of course—it’s the best way to find a slot game you enjoy. But one of the largest streamers on YouTube was recently caught by eagle-eyed viewers, playing with fake money. When challenged, some BS was made up about an error with the casino software. It’s easy to take huge risks on volatile slots when there is nothing real at stake. This misleads the viewer into thinking it’s easy to win at slots.

They Aren’t Licensed by Any Gambling Authority

Very few gambling authorities license affiliate partners of casinos (which sponsored streamers effectively are). While that may not be the fault of the streamers, per se, viewers can’t expect their chosen streamer to have any legal responsibility to provide accurate, safe information. At most, you might expect some boilerplate legal disclaimer for 3.5 seconds at the start of the stream. After that, you are on your own.

Their Subscriber Numbers Are Highly Questionable

Hundreds of vendors on portals such as Fiverr will offer to bump up a channel’s subscription numbers on YouTube for a small fee. Looking at many of the biggest streamers on Socialblade, their viewer and subscription numbers seem suspicious. Sudden jumps in numbers, and rival streamers gaining huge numbers of subscribers within a few days of each other, suggest that the casino streaming channels are in a battle to fool YouTube’s algorithm.

10 Things I Hate About YouTube Casino StreamersThey Promote an Unhealthy Lifestyle

One more on the list of the 10 things I hate about YouTube casino streamers. Leaving aside the debates about whether or not gambling can ever be part of a healthy lifestyle, the dietary habits of most casino streamers leave much to be desired. You will rarely see them tuck into a salad or even a piece of fruit. Most of the BTS footage on casino streaming channels focuses on the fridge/freezer in the corner of the room, filled with frozen pizza, beer, and sugary drinks. These might help the streamers through the monotony of playing highly volatile slots, but don’t try this at home.

They Ignore Viewer Questions That Run Contrary to Their Business Model

If you watch a casino stream long enough, you will quickly learn which casinos are being promoted by the streamer. And several times in a stream, you will see questions sent in via the chat box asking what the streamer thinks of rival casinos. The streamer will either ignore these comments or flat out insult the casino in question, without any justification. So much for impartiality!

They Falsely Pretend to Be Based in the Same Country as Their Viewers

Lastly, on this list of 10 things I hate. With most casino stream viewers living in countries with strong gambling governance (for example, the UK, Germany, Netherlands, or Sweden), streamers will go to great pains to claim they understand their users, and want to help them, usually claiming to be streaming from the same country. And yet, viewers will rarely see outside the streamer’s window. And when they go to take a drink of beer or carbonated beverage, it’s some weird brand only found in Curacao or Malta. Suspicious? You betcha. 

These are the 10 things I hate most about casino streamers. I should point out that there are several decent ones out there, who pull no punches, and show that—over a long enough timeline—the house always wins. If you follow such a streamer, then we recommend sticking to him or her. Just beware of the shyster behavior outlined above.

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