12 Cosplayers – Why Do You Cosplay?

From the archives of our daily Cosplay Spotlights.  We ask twelve former participants questions about their lives and adventures in the cosplay community.  The answers are as varied as the people and the cosplays themselves.  Ever wonder why cosplayers do what they do?  What drives them, what is the appeal?  Today we get to find out the answer to that very question when we ask 12 Cosplayers…Why Do You Cosplay?


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Incognito CosplayDark Incognito Cosplay


I see it as creation. Cosplay teaches me to solve complex problems, to develop new horizons. Makes it possible to have fun and interact with interesting people.


Pamela Colnaghi CosplayPamela Colnaghi Cosplay


I love to show my creativity and be someone different every show, sometimes a sexy cat sometimes a strong warrior!

Andy Rae CosplayAndy Rae Cosplay

Because cosplay is like an outlet for me, it’s a way to show my creativity off to the world and challenge myself each time with bigger and harder builds. I feel sometimes like the day-to-day of life can really get me stuck in a rut and cosplay is a way for me to relax from all of that and let my imagination flow! I just feel like everyone should have a hobby they are truly passionate about and cosplay just turned out to be mine.

Shadow FoxShadow Fox


I cosplay because I really love to create things. I enjoy taking the challenge of recreating a character and I enjoy getting to make people smile who see and enjoy my creations.



Because it’s fun! I had so many beautiful moments and I made so many good friends in the last years through cosplay

Valerie PerezValerie Perez


I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, but my main passion is storytelling, and a character portrait is a big part of that. When cosplaying, I celebrate a mythos that inspires me, and I promote favorite characters I want to see more of. When I started going to San Diego Comic-Con, I was appalled by the lack of Wonder Women. So the next year I attended as Wonder Woman and the photos of my cosplay appeared in news articles around the world. Then I started to get a lot of requests and began appearing as Zatanna and Scarlet Witch, too. Now, six years later, I happily see a lot more Amazons and magic women everywhere!



Since I’m new to cosplaying, the reason I want to cosplay is I want to do something with myself that I can show to others. I want to be able to put my creativity to work and to learn new skills, making the characters I love come to life. I may not resemble the characters identically but I’m having fun whilst doing it and it makes other people happy seeing characters from their favourite games/anime/shows/comics or something they used to love when they were younger. I’ve also made a ton of new, amazing friends who will be with me for life. I want to get out there, travel, make outfits and meet new people. Those are my main goals!

Tiffany AmberTiffany Amber


Cosplaying brings me and those I interact with happiness. Through a shared interest for the art, we find ourselves sharing memories as we join each other in photo shoots, creating costumes, and portraying our favored character.



It gives me happiness! I was always an artistic soul and I could not find a proper way to express myself until I found out about cosplay. I am enjoying creating costumes as well as meeting new people at the cons.

Veena Lee CosplayVeena Lee Cosplay

Because I love it, I enjoy dressing up in characters that I love whether good or bad and portraying them. I mean everyone enjoys the opportunity to be someone else especially if they are fiction.

The Puddins’ CosplayThe Puddins’ Cosplay


Because it gives completely original kind of fun. Plus, we like to do something considerable as art – sculpting, super makeups, acting etc.

Useless Materia CosplayUseless Materia Cosplay


For me, cosplay is ultimately about having fun and expressing a passion for a fandom. I admit that I get a bit wrapped up in making everything look perfect and work perfectly, but in reality, when I get to the con, it’s about the people and the fandom. I’ve made so many fantastic friends through cosplay… honestly seeing them is half the joy of going.

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