13 Stranger Things Characters Ranked

The second season of Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things, is now about a week and a half old. If you are like me, you have already consumed the 9-episode epic. (I spaced mine out from the premier on Friday until watching the final episode on Halloween.) With two seasons under my belt, I feel it is time to rank the Stranger Things characters.

This list will be rated from worst to best. But just so you know, I loved both seasons of Stranger Things and this is just a fun list that I’m being a little goofy with. If you disagree, it’s okay! Just repeat after me: “It’s just a TV show and Brent is not being super serious.” (With the exception of my top two. If you don’t agree with those, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!)

SPOILER ALERT! Do not continue unless you have seen every episode of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 2

From Worst to Better to Best

13. Billy

Come on, everybody knows he is the worst character! With his appearance in season 2, I was convinced he had some kind of alternative motive: a government spy, something really nefarious! No! Turns out he is just a douche bag and that is all. I was more interested in the fact that the actor played Jason in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie than anything Billy did in Stranger Things. But he did rock out to some Metallica, so I’ll give him that.

12. Max

I feel Max was a wasted opportunity and, after all of season 2, I still don’t really “get” her character. She started to come around toward the end of the season, but she is going to need a lot more development in season 3.

11. Bob

Ah, Bob. Poor, poor Bob. The writing was on the wall once we figured out you were not an evil government agent, but you died a hero’s death. God bless you, Bob!

10. Mike

I wish Eleven had come back sooner so we didn’t have to waste time with moody Mike, especially after Max came around. Mike’s character got a lot better when he started hanging out with Will and reverted to the sweet, caring Mike from season 1. But those first few episodes where rough! We know you were heartbroken, but just chill out and go listen to The Cure. Dang, he is going to have to wait until 1989 to listen “Pictures of You”.

9. Jonathan

Creepy Jonathan is at least not that creepy in season 2. And we didn’t have to hear him scream for Nancy in the woods, which is always a plus! Jonathan did grow bolder in this season, though. He actually goes to a party and helps Nancy take down Hawkins Lab!. I guess fighting a demogorgon is a real confidence-booster!

8. Will

Once again, Will gets the short end of the stick in season 2. In season 1, he was trapped in the upside down for most the season and now he spends half of this season possessed. He can’t catch a break! The actor who plays Will is really good, though. His switches between regular Will and possessed Will were great. I just wish poor Will had a chance to hang out with his friends.

7. Joyce

How do you not enjoy Winona Ryder as Joyce? She is an amazing actress and now playing helicopter parent in season 2, she can’t catch a breakmuch like her son! For a small moment you think she will be happy with Bob, but no… that gets taken away too! I love that Joyce is no-nonsense and you can tell from her face she has been through some stuff.

6. Lucas

Lucas probably gets the most growth and character development in season 2 and his crush on Max is cute. We also get introduced to his family, which really helped fill out his backstory. Plus, he is always there with his trusty wrist rocket. Everybody has guns or nailbats and Lucas is up there with his slingshot ready to battle demodogs. Go Lucas!

5. Hopper

Those scenes between Hopper and Eleven were just fantastic. We love gruff, mean Hopper, we love sweet-as-pie Hopper, and we especially love dancing Hopper! And what about that budding romance between him and Joyce!? Oh, Hopper, you put on a mean exterior, but inside you are just a big teddy bear. But seriously, don’t go into creepy, upside down tunnels aloneever again!

4. Eleven

El goes through a lot in this season of Stranger Things. She has to deal with staying hidden from everybody, fights with Hopper, and then going all rogue to find her mother. And if that isn’t enough, she has to travel to the big city to find her “sister” from her experiment days at Hawkins Lab. It was great to see Eleven grow and develop as a characterthe only downfall was that she was not with the core cast very much. But it looks like that will be rectified in season 3. Her best scene was when she saved the group from the demodogs in episode 8. You knew she was coming to save the day and it wasn’t abig  surprise, but it was still awesome when she showed up! (Plus, Millie Bobby Brown can rap!)

3. Dustin

Oh, Dustin. He’s so great for good comedy relief and being a superb friend… well, in season 1, at least. In season 2, Dustin goes from being extremely smart to extremely stupid. Really, Dustin? A giant multidimensional creature tried to murder you and your friends less than a year ago and you are going to keep that thing as a pet!? You just let your poor turtle run around to god knows where and start feeding this thing 3 Musketeers bars? Dustin, that is almost unforgivable. You are too smart for that. But we did get to meet your weird mom and you became friends with Steve, so we forgive you.

2. Nancy

Look, if I was just taking season 1 in account, Nancy would be rated as my number one. She goes from what I thought was going to be a minor afterthought character with no impact, to a certified scrapper in season 1 who hunts monsters! She doesn’t get to do any monster-hunting in season 2 (though I do love that scene when Hopper throws her the gun), but she does bring down Hawkins Lab, so that is still pretty cool. Nancy was so great in season 1 and I am way more interested in her kicking butt than her love triangle. Hopefully, in season 3, we get to see her show her fighting chops once again!

1. Steve

Steve Harrington is the best character in Stranger Things. Look, I know the whole internet is saying this and I wish it wasn’t true, but facts are facts. At first, he is just a jerk boyfriend and then, he turns a 180 toward the end of season 1 and becomes great! The scene in season 1 where he busts in on Jonathan and Nancy about to fight the demogorgon and he starts freaking out is still hilarious! And and then Steve goes toe-to-toe with the monster with his nailbat. Throw on the 80s metal and start headbanging, because Steve is your new hero! He becomes a great guy in season 2. Even though Nancy dumps him, he is still there to help out, taking Dustin under his wing, teaching him the ins and outs of love and how to get perfect hair. Steve babysits the kids and still battles monsters. With his nailbat and perfect hair, how can you not love Steve?

Are you one of the 15 million people who watched Stranger Things season 2? How would you change my list around? Let us know in the comments below!

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