Get Ready for a New Batch of Superheroes

Get Ready for a New Batch of SuperheroesYou can’t throw a stone these days without hitting something related to superheroes. While Star Wars may have stolen a little of their thunder for a bit, once summer movie season hits, those super guys and gals will be out in full force again. Plus, they don’t even need movie theaters anymore.

As you have probably noticed, superheroes are crawling all over your television, computer, smartphone, or whatever else you use to view your entertainment. Netflix is certainly taking advantage of this craze, with shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Luke Cage, who first appeared on that latter show, will also soon be starring in his own vehicle. But it won’t stop there. At some point in the near future, Netflix will have a show featuring Iron Fist, a guy whose weapon of choice is, perhaps not surprisingly, his magical iron fists.

But that’s not all! Eventually there will be a big crossover show called Marvel’s Defenders that will bring Daredevil, Jessica, Luke, and Iron Fist together for one super, crime-fighting force. To read about more of the plethora of superhero shows in the works, check out what DenofGeek.com had to say. The nice thing about these new and upcoming shows is that, unless you are a die-hard comic fan, they are about characters most people are not very familiar with. Sure, it is nice to see Batman, the X-Men, and the Avengers in movies, but we don’t have to see them in everything. Perhaps it’s time other superheroes got the recognition they deserve.

Take Elektra, for example. Suddenly it feels as though some of the most popular characters are of the female persuasion. Supergirl has her own show, and a Wonder Woman movie is coming out soon. Though she’s no hero, even Harley Quinn is getting big. So, why is there no love for Elektra? She’s as fun and feisty as any of those other women. The good news is that she is rumored to possibly be making an appearance in the new season of Daredevil.

Get Ready for a New Batch of SuperheroesThe Hulk is another great character who has been let down by Hollywood. Though he has starred in a couple of movies, they were both pretty widely considered to be, well, not so great. He has fared well in the Avengers films, but he is definitely worthy of something bigger and better. While under-represented elsewhere, many characters are doing much better in video games. There are now tons of games filled with more superheroes than you probably know existed. Both Elektra and the Hulk can be found in their own slots games in fact, as noted on Gambling.com. There you will also discover other characters that aren’t often in your local cinema, such as the Punisher. Of course, favorites like Wolverine and Iron Man are on there as well, but it’s interesting to see these less-widespread heroes get some recognition.

If you’re looking for even more obscure characters, take a look at FeedyWeedy.com and their piece on upcoming superhero movies. Sure, you’ll read about Thor and Captain America, but you can also get the scoop on Deadpool and Doctor Strange.

If you’re like a lot of people and are a little tired of seeing the same superheroes in everything, you’re in luck. New faces are emerging all the time.

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