#Hashtag Reviews – February 26th, 2016

Welcome to #Hashtag Reviews, a weekly feature at Word of the Nerd. We asked our talented contributors to review comics they read this week in 140 characters or less, and this is what they came up with:

Christopher Calloway:

Black Magick #5
Black Magick #5

The Goddamned #3 (Image) – Beautiful in its raw ugliness, a brutal story about godless antediluvian man. @jasonaaron is crushing it.

Black Magick #5 (Image) – @ruckawriter & @NicolaScottArt create the stuff of nightmares. Spot coloring never used better to boost the creepy factor this issue. A+

The Black Hood #9 (Dark Circle) – @DrkCircleComics Gritty, grim, battered & bruised. A tale of two men, the worst of times. Strong writing/art 5 out of 5.

The Shield #2 (Dark Circle) – Was looking forward to this issue two artists & several story telling short cuts. Left me $3.99 poorer & disappointed 2 out of 5.

Starve #6 (Image) – The fast is over, now feast! Mouthwatering story+art by @brianwood #DanijelZezelj A new direction for Gavin who makes bold choices.

Daniel Kalban:

Superman American Alien #4 (DC) – Many plot lines coincide and special appearances dominate Clark Kent’s first big day in Metropolis.

The Coming of the Supermen #1 (DC) – @NeilAdamsDotCom brings us an old school Superman adventure with plenty of heroics and heart. Also #NewGods

Titans Hunt #5
Titans Hunt #5

Justice League #48 (DC) – Johns and Fabok bring the #DarkseidWar to a crescendo as it’s JL and CSA vs Anti-Monitor!

Harry Roachford:

Titans Hunt #5 (DC) – The hunt continues! The question of just how Donna Troy can remember a past when she didn’t exist till recently remains weird.

Extraordinary X-Men #7 (Marvel) – Jean and Storm delve into Nightcrawler’s mind and what they find is a horrifying realization of the treatment of mutants.

All New X- Men #5 (Marvel) – The X-Men take on Blob. Just another day for them: Bobby fails to deal with flirting, Idie yells at god and Laura is kinda dead.

Caleb Palmquist:

Kanan #11 (Marvel) – Another amazing Kanan story. Caleb Dume and Jedi Mater Depa Billaba face off against General Grievous in an epic battle that makes Obi-Wan look lame.
#yourfailureiscomplete #karrabast

Kanan #11
Kanan #11

Rick and Morty #11 (Oni Press) – Summer and Jerry switch bodies while Rick puts Morty through a macabre alien high school simulator. Gross and hilarious.

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #1 (Marvel) – This out-of-continuity Max Bemis penned comic is campy and kinda boring. Michael Walsh’s art, however, is amazing. He should be drawing all the X-Men books.
#worstxmanever #giantrussianman

Peat Vasquez:

Image Giant Sized Artists Proof Cover Tokyo Ghost #1 (Image) – REMENDER & MURPHY give us the artists POV for #tokyoGhost orig inks 11×17 A MUST BUY

Justice League #48 (DC) – DARKSIED War is almost done, #JusticeLeague & Crime Syndicate have to team up a #violent book #superwomanbaby

Angela Queen Of Hel #5 (Marvel) – The Finale! Angela & Sera vs Queen Hela for all the marbles. Aaron Jacintos pages are #phenomenal #art

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