Civil War Seeps Into All Aspects of the MCU

It’s only a short while before the latest epic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be upon us. Captain America: Civil War is barely a month away and we can’t wait to see how the new movie will affect the rest of the MCU. The way that Marvel has connected all of its various movies means that whatever happens in one will have a lasting effect (or at least be mentioned) in the others. Some of these movies have larger and more lasting impacts than others and it’s looking as though Civil War will be one of the biggest.

Captain America: Civil War Poster 4The third film in the Captain America franchise is likely to be the most far-reaching in the MCU to date with its retelling of the classic story arc from 2006. That arc, written by Mark Millar, spanned across just about every single title that Marvel published between 2006 and 2007 with more than 100 comic books that included everyone from Black Panther and Spider-Man to She-Hulk, Deadpool and even Moon Knight. Cinema Blend reports that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been adamant the flick is more of a Captain America film than Avengers 2.5, but there’s no question that the First Avenger be fighting for the spotlight with so many characters set to make appearances – most notably the introduction of Black Panther and the one-time friend-turned-primary antagonist to Cap, Iron Man.

If reports from IGN are to be believed, the movie will also have a “ripple effect” that will reach out to television as well. The heroes of the MCU won’t be the only ones picking sides, as Marvel’s Agents of Shield will also be forced to decide where they stand. We fully expect Agent Coulson to follow his idol, Captain America, although there are likely to be those still on the fence when it comes to how they feel about the proposed Superhero Registration Act. We guess we’ll just have to wait to find out how Civil War will shake up the small screen.

The movie has even begun to make its mark on video games as well. According to Tech Times there’s a new Civil War-themed character pack for the recent LEGO Marvel’s Avengers that features many of the characters from the upcoming film and will include the latest Mark 46 Iron Man suit, Captain America (naturally), Falcon, Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier) and even newcomers Black Panther and Crossbones, among others. Thanks to their wide reach, video games have been a terrific way for Marvel to drum up additional excitement in advance of their big-screen blockbusters, even going so far as to court casual gamers through slot-themed interpretations of everyone’s favorite superheroes at the online platform for Gala Bingo. Players are able to pursue their favorite past-times with a little added flair fr om their favorite heroes like Iron Man in a game centered around the second movie in the franchise. While Iron Man 2 gets a bit of a bad rap compared to the other Marvel films, it’s important in that it introduced the character of Black Widow, who will play a vital role in resolving the conflict of the latest movie.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Civil War will make sense of the myriad superheroes and plot points that are set to collide when the film finally comes to the cinemas at the end of spring. Captain America: Civil War comes out on May 6, 2016.

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