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So you’re a bit different from the general public; you like other books, movies and comics, and you aren’t afraid to show it. So how exactly do you let your true self shine? Let your interests be the star, and show the world the image you want to portray. Embrace what makes you different, and find the quirky style that makes you feel comfortable. Here are some ways to start showing off your personality in everyday life.

Define Yourself

In trying to define themselves, many people often try to be quirky for quirkiness’ sake. Don’t take this approach. Instead, figure out what truly makes you unique and what you want to share with the world. Is it a certain hobby? Your love of cosplay? Incorporate pieces of that into your everyday life. If it makes you happy, helps you connect with others that have similar interests and expresses who you are, then you should embrace it and show it off to the world.

Match Your Accessories

There are certain brands and accessories that can fit any style. If you are just starting to transition your wardrobe to match your interests, there are plenty of popular companies that feature unique pieces. For example, Vans has shoes in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns (including some fun pizza-patterned shoes). They even have themed shoes from movies, such as “The Jungle Book,” so you should have no problem finding a pair that fits your style. Other popular brands, such as Forever 21, have partnerships with popular movies and television shows to create limited edition merchandise. Jump on these opportunities to get cheap and nerdy accessories that suit your personality.

Search for Fan-Made Merch

Websites like Etsy and RedBubble are havens for unique fan-made merchandise. A simple search for your favorite television show or comic will likely lead to hundreds of results from people like you. From T-shirts to jewelry, you can find pieces for basically any fan. You may be able to find other stores for fan-made merchandise as well, especially if you are a part of a large community. For example, Disney fans have plenty of shops to choose from, such as Whosits and Whatsits, while Harry Potter fans can even get their own wands from Alivan’s. A simple search can open a world of clothing and accessories that suit your quirky personality. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting independent artists.

Get Tricked out Tech

Before you buy that new phone case or pair of headphones, do some online research. Don’t settle for the generic popular brands when you can get tech that looks like it was made just for you. Did you know there is an R2-D2 phone charger? Or tons of choices for Minecraft phone cases? Again, a simple Google search will do wonders. ThinkGeek is another great website to start with to find unique pieces. Without spending much more money or time, you can find the perfect tech gear that shows off your personality. Getting tech that matches your interests is an easy way to express yourself and be surrounded by things you enjoy.

There is no reason to hide your interests and true personality. Let them shine with unique accessories and items that will show off what you like. Besides feeling more confident, this can lead to finding friends with similar interests and being a part of your very own quirky community.

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