Early Star Trek Beyond Reviews Extremely Positive

Star Trek Beyond premiered this week at the San Diego Comic Con and the preliminary reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a whopping 92% rating, and many critics have also weighed in.

Critical Acclaim

“STAR TREK BEYOND does something magical: has big, bold action but puts these characters in, basically, a TOS episode. For me it was a dream.”-Jordan Hoffman, Movie Critic for Guardian Film @jhoffman

“Star Trek Beyond feels like a TOS episode in a way that gives this new Trekverse a really long future. Fun, pretty dark, lots of fan moments.”– Jen Yamato, Entertainment Critic for The Daily Beast @jenyamato

“STAR TREK BEYOND: slick, self-contained & has the best music cue of any blockbuster this yr. by 2016 standards, it’s the Sistine chapel.” -David Ehrlich, Senior Film Critic, @davidehrlich

“A rollicking, fun, emotional throwback to The Original Series. Unqualified love for #StarTrekBeyond”  –

Fun Movie, Sad Topics…

The movie seems like it won’t disappoint. More than likely however, there is bound to be a fair amount of sadness in this film. It was already planned to memorialize Leonard Nimoy in some way in this film after his passing in 2015, but a mere months after production wrapped on Star Trek Beyond, Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the three newest trek movies was tragically killed in a freak car accident at his home in Los Angeles.  We have assurances that Leonard Nimoy’s Spock will be very present in this film in spirit (No spoilers, we promise), but Yelchin’s passing will not be able to be recognized outside of an in memoriam moment after the credits have rolled.

To Absent Friends…

It looks like they are making sure that we as fans get the cathartic moments we need in regards to Spock and Leonard Nimoy, and Trekkies everywhere are bound to be grateful for it.  Even if we don’t see a detailed memorial to Anton Yelchin.   Speaking to USA Today, Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty and co-wrote Star Trek Beyond says that Director Justin Linn has added a special shot of Yelchin to a scene where Kirk toasts absent friends.  Pegg thinks it’s a fitting tribute.

“It’s a beautiful shot of Anton, looking relaxed, like he didn’t know the camera was on him.  That was a way we could at least acknowledge the awfulness of what happened. It’s been very difficult to process for us all. I would be lying if I said any of us have truly come to terms with it. I don’t know if we ever will.  To see him onscreen being so great, so alive, it gave me hope that he will be around forever, in some way. Even if we have lost him.   For people who never met him, he hasn’t gone away and won’t go away. I found myself heartened by that when I watched the movie. That means something to us.”


Star Trek Beyond debuted this week at SDCC and premieres in theaters nation-wide on Friday!

Who’s ready to, “Boldly go,” into the, “Final Frontier,” this week and see Star Trek Beyond? Please comment, LIKE and Share to encourage Dialogue. LLAP

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