TV News – A Princess, a Street Rat and a Royal Vizier join Once Upon a Time

OUAT Season 6 PosterOnce Upon a Time season 6 is taking us to explore A Whole New World. A lot of news is dropped during San Diego Comic Con, some of it is pleasing, some of it isn’t, this one is definitely the former. During Once Upon a Time’s panel this Saturday we were treated to the first scene of season 6, during it we see a scene between Jafar and Aladdin. If you want to watch the scene you can do that here.

Arabian Nights coming to Sunday nights

Arabian nights indeed because as we learned in the panel, and as TV Line later reported Once Upon a Time has cast the roles of Jafar, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – Once Upon a Time’s short-lived spin-off – featured Lost’s Naveen Andrews as the famous villain but seeing as the actor is busy with Sense8 the role had to be recast. Our new Royal Vizier of Agrabah is now Oded Fehr. We’re big fans of Mr. Fehr so we couldn’t be happier about this news, and from what we got already he’s gonna be a wonderful Jafar. Oded Fehr’s known for his roles in Resident Evil, The Mummy and Covert Affairs.

In the role of Princess Jasmine we’ve got the amazingly talented Karen David. Karen David is more likely known for her role as Princess Isabella on the short-lived beloved musical comedy Galavant. David took to Facebook once the news broke about what it meant for her to be able to take on this role. So now the actress will be one of the lucky people that have gotten to play not one Disney Princess but two. We know she’ll do great in the role, which is set to debut in episode 4 of this season.

Now in the case of our favorite street rat, we’ve got Deniz Akdeniz who is known for his work on the show South Beach. From what we could gather from the clip he was once a savior, a role that is attributed to the ever-wonderful Jennifer Morrison, so he’s hoping there’s some interlap in that. We’re very excited to see these story-lines come to fruition and to see the wonderful characters of Aladdin be brought to life by these incredibly talented actors.

Once Upon a Time returns on September 25 at 8 pm on ABC.

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