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Destiny, NY is ideal Urban Fantasy

Destiny, NY might just be the queer magical comic of your wildest dreams.

An urban fantasy tale that has more than a hint of magical realism alongside the ups and downs of balancing magical destinies and twisty love lives, Destiny NY centers on Logan McBride, a young woman who already hit her highest moment – fulfilling her prophecy – when she was a child. In this world, where Prophecy Kids have more in common with the child stars of your favorite television shows than you’d think, fulfilling your destiny so early makes everyone think you’re washed up.

Destiny, NY Tumblr

The Destiny, NY Team

Robyn Hood writer Pat Shand has teamed up with artist Manuel Preitano (Wonderland) and letterer Jim Campbell (to bring the city of Destiny, New York to life. A work-in-progress since 2014, this comic pulls heavily from Shand’s life, making it autobiographical in many aspects while focusing on the day to day experiences of the people living their lives in a magical little corner of New York. This 120-page graphic novel is about a lot of things like love, lust, coffee, magic, and of course figuring out your own destiny.

In order to make Destiny, NY a reality, Shand and Preitano started a Kickstarter! On top of that, the creative team has also made the first chapter of their comic available for free as they try to raise interest in the work. You can check out the Destiny, NY Tumblr page here.

Trust me, the first chapter will leave you wishing that you had the full graphic novel in your hands. The second I finished reading the preview, I headed on over to back the Kickstarter. It was that good.

 The characters leap off the page, interesting and realistic even when they’ve only had a few panels to wow you with. The lead character, Logan, is a former Prophecy Kid who’s currently knocking about the city in between attending the illustrious Destiny University. Think of the school as a sort of post-graduate version of Hogwarts and of Logan as Harry Potter – if the Boy-Who-Lived had succeeded in ending Voldemort’s reign of terror back when he was a first year and then had to spend the rest of his life trying to figure out “what next”.

And oh yeah – it’s really queer. I’m talking on-screen characters who are both queer and in relationships. Logan, our wonderful main character, is one of those queer characters. As we can see throughout the course of the first chapter, she’s got a lot on her plate when it comes to love and lust. The appearance of a tall, gorgeous woman named Lilith does absolutely nothing to simplify or uncomplicate Logan’s life.

If you’re a fan of work like Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s Black Magick or Erin Clairborne’s A Hero at the End of the World, you’re going to love Pat Shand and Manuel Preitano’s magical and queer Destiny, NY.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign today!

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