Overwatch: Tracer Cosplay Edition


So you play as Tracer as your main character, but how do you become Tracer for the next big cosplay or Comic-Con? From textile work to props and makeup, there are tons of nuances when it comes to a Tracer costume if you want to look authentic and wow the crowds. Here’s a guide for your DIY Tracer cosplay costume:


Overwatch: Tracer Cosplay Edition

Instead of real goggles, you can use makeup and paint and create a realistic goggle mask. Whenever you do makeup for a video game character, you need a perfect coat of foundation as it gives you the cleanest slate to work with. Then use some light orange body paint and draw the outline of the goggles around your eyes. Make sure the outline comes down just below the cheek bone and rises just above the eyebrow. Next, fill in the outline. Use some yellow paint for the lower highlights, then darker orange for the top. Then give the goggles a frame with some brown. You’ll need a fine-tipped paintbrush for this. White painted partially over the brown will create a shadow effect. At this point, the level of detail you add is up to you. Black and gray can be used for the goggle brackets around the edge. Black works well for the corners of the mask where you want more shadow effects, and don’t forget to draw on eyebrows, as yours will have been painted over with orange. Of course, makeup and face paint can be hard on your skin. Use high-end products, like the Artistry collection from Amway, that benefit your health and don’t smudge off throughout the day.


For the cosplayer who goes the extra mile, some work with the sewing machine probably isn’t daunting. You can make a realistic Tracer jacket and pants with some pretty simple patterns and designs. For the jacket, you’ll need McCall’s M7026 pattern, or similar black webbing, some tan faux suede or cotton and a couple other materials. You’ll need to be handy with that sewing machine now, as you’ll need to measure, cut and sew your jacket into existence. For the pants, you can simply use some dark seamless leggings and compliment them with an orange stretchy fabric. You can also use some orange Lycra leggings and compliment them with black mesh along the sides of the leg.


The most notable prop on Tracer is the chronal accelerator she wears on her back. This is a time intensive item, but a collection of cosplayers have pulled it off. Use a hard foam that can be bent, cut and glued. It doesn’t matter what color the foam is, as you’ll spray paint it afterward. Make sure it isn’t styrofoam, which is often overly rigid or flaky. Make sure the foam holds its shape. You’ll have to design the accelerator by eye, comparing it to pictures of Tracer, as there are no templates for this prop. Once you have the accelerator designed, spray paint it a flat white; it may require multiple coats. After you have a nice white coat, it’s time for a more nuanced paint job. You’ll need a variety of brushes, depending on how detailed you want the accelerator.

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