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After “declaring war” by not giving up Valofax, things have actually been quite for the Quinlan family. Emmett loving the time he is getting to spwend with his granddaughter, with out the affects of Alzheimer’s affecting he can share a lot with her. Valofax has granted Emmett a new lease on life and he is taking the time to connect with his family again. So life in their quaint Texas home is not so bad, but when you have something a “god” wants trouble is not far off. Emmett and Valofax are in for a Texas sized fight.

Donny Cates writes a heck of a story in God Country #3. Emmett’s moments with his granddaughter are heartfelt and sweet being his first time really getting to spend time with her. Cates writes a fantastic script interweaving family drama, with genuine character moments, action and sprinkling in a little humor along the way. This third issue hits home with the Quinlan family dealing with their issues that came along when Emmett was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the family stopped dancing around the fact that he is wielding a giant magical sword.

God Country #3
God Country #3


Geoff Shaw once again does some magical work in this series. His characters feel alive and real and even in the more mystical moments, he brings a sense of realism to the pages. His landscapes and attention to detail are superb, he also does great work with characters facial expressions and body positioning that really intensifies the more drama-oriented scenes. Jason Wordie on colors really makes the series whole.  He makes the characters and scenery come alive with his color work. Wordie does great work with shadows and shading in this issue and balances that darkness well with some brilliant bright colors.


By the end of this issue, you will be dying to read the next installment in the series. God Country continues to impress with great storytelling and beautiful art that mesmerizes the reader. The creative team has made this series a must read. The tale of a man with Alzheimer’s and is family struggles are just as compelling as a “god sword” battling demons and that is what makes God Country such a great comic book.

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