First Impressions: Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer


The teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok was just released and in spite of its scope of epicness, it’s hard to know how to feel about it.  Let’s examine a few things of note, but avoid picking every little detail apart.


Thor: Ragnarok
Cate Blanchett is rocking it goth style as Hela
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) goes to Hel.  The teaser opens with his narration of how it came to be, essentially breaking the fourth wall, which is becoming all too common in Marvel films.  The scene transitions into Thor hurling Mjölnir at Hela (Cate Blanchett) who catches it with ease and then crushes it.  Can’t explain how cool this looks.  Cate Blanchett looks devilishly evil and extraordinarily hot all gothed out.  The addition of The Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin is a nice touch and adds a level of badass. 
Thor: Ragnarok
Loki is back and it’s about damn time.
There are scenes including Loki (Tom Hiddleston), which are awesome, he has been absent from the Marvel films for too long.  But the ultimate payoff that we’ve been patiently waiting for is the first look at an armored Hulk.  Hopefully, his presence will be explained and answer the question of where he has been since Avengers: Age of Ultron.  

It’s all panning out to be a pretty epic adventure film, the kind of Thor film fans have long deserved.  The first Thor left some feeling a bit cheated, there was a redemption from Thor: The Dark World.  Unlike the Captain America films, which have gotten better with each installment, Thor’s solo outings have been kind of flat.  Let’s hope that Ragnarok can make up for past transgressions.

But let us not forget where some of the loose ends that need to be tied up and explained.  When we last left the Thor universe, Loki had assumed the form of Odin.  What has become of the All-Father and what damage has Loki done?  This is obviously setting up the appearance of Hela and her threat to Asgard.  And what about Thor’s visions he experienced in Avengers: Age of Ultron?  How do they play into the events of this film?  Lastly, what the hell is the deal with Thor’s short hair?  The writers have some things to explain and cover in order for us to be satisfied with Thor: Ragnarok.  

Thor: Ragnarok
The Hulk can’t be more bad ass than this.
Returning cast includes Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif, Idris Elba as Heimdall, and Ray Stevenson as Volstagg.  There are also some great additions to the Thor universe, Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, Karl Urban as Skurge, Tess Thompson as Valkyrie, and Sam Neil in an as yet undisclosed role.  And don’t forget Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

The teaser is just shy of two minutes and you can catch it and all it’s cheesy 80’s glory below.

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