Review – Magnus #1 Re-Imagines The Robot Fighter

Magnus #1


Magnus: Between Two Worlds

Magnus #1 is an excellent start to a fun re-imagining of the character. Magnus has been around for a while- but not like this! Dr.Kerri Magnus, a psychiatrist for recalcitrant AIs, is a Robot Fighter for this cyberpunk age. In a world where humans own robots (or at least they think they do), it seems that a Robot Fighter is no longer necessary. Dr.Magnus has moved on, and enjoys helping conflicted robots find peace in their strange existence. However, when the dichotomy between man and machine begins to dissolve, and the human and cloud would begin to overlap, psychiatry won’t be enough to set things right. 

This first issue is set up by the backwater story from Sovereigns, #1, though you can easily start here at Magnus #1. Dynamite has done a great job choosing creative team capable of re-imagining this beloved Gold Key series into a modern, exciting tale. 



Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) brings an amazing talent to this new series. Magnus #1 sets a great pace for the series. The slow reveal of the world and the convoluted dynamic between man and machine is pure artistry. It takes a lot of courage and skill to re-imagine an entire character and universe that is so well-loved, but Higgins takes it in stride and builds a fresh, modern world for a new Magnus. 


With Jorge Fornés (Amazing X-Men) on the art for this book. there wasn’t really a chance it would be bad — but it exceeds expectations. The art for this book is so varied and intense in every scenario, it was a lot to take on. The series takes place on many platforms, with more to come, but from a 50’s-esque kitchen to the darkest of nightmares or the ethereal robot Cloud World, Fornés brings depth and beauty to every panel.

Chris O’Halloran (James Bond Black Box) on colors is equally indispensable, and the colors for this book complement the art perfectly. Again, with so many settings, the color story for each location makes it easy to follow the pace of the book as the plot of the first issue is slowly revealed through the eyes of different characters.

Taylor Esposito (Ghost Glyph Studios), who is lettering this series and the companion books from Dynamite, definitely shines in this series. The different lettering and balloon styles make it easy to differentiate between AI and humans, even when the lines are blurred. With a lot going on in the plot, the defined, artistic lettering style helps tie everything together. 



Overall, this is an excellent read. Having only read some vintage Magnus, this is a huge step away from the karate-chopping, strange dress-wearing, robot-punching Magnus of the past. Even with all the changes, though, this reboot maintains the same intrigue that set the original series apart. This truly is a Magnus for the Modern Age. I can’t wait to see where this book goes next. Fans of android intrigue titles like The Vision or D4VE will absolutely love Magnus.

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