South Park Fractured But Whole Trailer, Game Play and a Whole List Of Reasons To Get Hyped

South Park Fractured But Whole Trailer, Game Play and a Whole List Of Reasons To Get Hyped

Come On Down To South Park

Originally slotted for a December 6, 2016 release, Ubisoft’s highly-anticipated RPG featuring Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s brainchildren South Park: The Fractured But Whole made a third E3 appearance, this time for the 2017 edition. Acting as a sequel to The Stick of Truth, you as the New Kid hang up your medieval gear in favor of superhero powers and whatever crazy combination of shirt, domino, and pants with underwear on the outside suits your own personal story.

After so many delays on release and no end in sight, Ubisoft finally assured us all that the title will drop on October 17th of this year. Nearly a full year after its initial projected arrival but hey, better late then never. And by the look of it, The Fractured But Whole will be worth the wait. Check it out for yourself in both the newest trailer from E3 and gameplay videos all in this very article! (As a fair warning, these videos are on the NSFW side…so enjoy the strip club scene when the boss isn’t around.)

Sure the game gives you a new look and abilities, changes up the story line a bit, but why still bother with it after all this time? What exactly sets The Fractured But Whole apart from its predecessor? Why should we still all be excited?

Take several seats, one for each reason you South Park fans should be stoked about 10/17/2017.


Seat 1: It Comes Down To Strategy

Stick of Truth did have a bit of a strategy to it, but not a ton. This time around, Ubisoft and the South Park creators. Not only will you need to think about team composition, abilities, maybe handling a status effect or two, but there wasn’t much else that required too much thought or planning. This time around, players will have all of that to worry about plus your placement of your team members on the battlefield itself. Similar to many games that require you to work around a grid, you’ll need to consider where everyone is placed and what they can do from their current position. Not everyone can attack from anywhere and you’ll need to plan ahead accordingly.

Seat 2: “I Can’t Breathe!” Humor Incoming!

So anyone whose even seen one episode of South Park knows these kids and the town are one crackpot bunch, unafraid to say what they’re thinking no matter how absolutely screwed up it may be. Which, to be honest, is why many of us fell in love with them in the first place. There were no apologies for all of the crude jokes and sick humor before and there certainly will be none this time around. Parker and Stone have upped the ante and are set to deliver those one-two punches we’ve all learned to let hit us in the guts and enjoy the hilarious fall.

Seat 3: Crafting Is Here!

Yes you read that correctly; you can now craft in The Fractured But Whole! There’s only a small glimpse into the crafting realm for those lucky enough to play the game already, but reports are coming in of scavenging for ridiculous ingredients and items in order to fuse them into something even worse to use against the enemies. It seems that players will also be able to buff their team members; hopefully there will be more clarification and details on this system as October approaches.

Seat 4: Enter Special Objectives

If you feel like making some adjustments and improvements to the battles themselves isn’t quite enough, then you might be interested in the special objectives that Ubisoft has thrown into The Fractured But Whole. One scenario that has been reported is a stripper constantly chasing the New Kid and his team, interrupting the fight and basically being a very dangerous thorn in the side of the heroes that couldn’t be removed with even the best of tweezers.

There is no confirmation that these wonderfully frustrating additions will run rampant through the game, on and off the battlefield, but it is definitely a great detail that keeps us interested and invested in the title. To add to the mayhem, there are awesome mini games too, which you can see featured in the gameplay video below.

Now that you’ve taken your multiple seats, just wait anxiously like I am for October 17th, when we will need to take a stand with the heroes of South Park against evil!

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