Diablo III Necromancer Arrives On The Scene Next Week

Diablo III Necromancer Arrives On The Scene Next Week

Diablo fans have been given hints from game giant Blizzard on the series for some time now, including an unveil of a favorite class Necromancer of Diablo II slotted to make a grand return on the battlefield during 2016 BlizzCon, but no date was set for the drop….

Until Now

We finally have confirmation that the dark arts masters will be available at the end of June, ready to rekindle our love for the dungeon-crawler. The DLC pack itself is going to be available on June 27th as well as Patch 2.6.0 after some server downtime that will start at 8 A.M PST for console players. If you can survive the wait an ante up the $14.99, then get ready to raise an undead army and unleash it against your enemies on Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

What To Expect

Many fans will likely see the price tag though and wonder why it’s so much for a new character. That’s because it’s not just the character you’ll be getting! Included with the Necromancer, players will receive the following additional perks to the bundle:

  • Necromancer Portrait Frame
  • Cosmetic Wings of the Crypt Guardian for your character
  • Necromancer-themed Sigil, Accent and Banner Shape
  • Blood Master Pennant
  • Non-Combat Half-Formed Golem Pet
  • Two additional character slots to wreak more havoc with
  • Two additional stash tabs (#Blessed)
The male and female Necromancers both look awesome AF

But Wait, There’s More!

On top of all this, the coming patch will include “Challenge Rifts, The Shrouded Moors zone, Temple of the Firstborn zone and the Realms of Fate” for all owners of the Reaper of Souls expansion, not just those who purchased the Necromancer and all the goodies that come with it.

Eternal Collection

One more thing! (I hope you all read that in Uncle’s voice from Jackie Chan Adventures. If not, I’m subtly disappointed.) Also releasing on June 27th will be the Diablo III Eternal Collection, which will include the Ultimate Evil Edition as well as the Necromancer DLC. This will arrive with a “special introductory price” of $39.99 for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members while the usual retail price will be set to $59.99.

To those of you ready to jump back into the war against Diablo and his demons, see you and your undead armies next week!

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