Review – Transformers: Dark of the Moon – The Score

Much like the movie itself, the musical score for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is far superior to Revenge of the Fallen.  Unlike the scores for the first two films, DOTM contains more original music and fewer themes for individual characters.  This score also strays from the themes and music that was reused in Revenge of the Fallen and utilizes more original content.  Don’t fret however, you can still catch themes from the original film that are blended in perfectly with the new material.

The score was written by Steve Jablosky, who wrote the scores for the previous Transformers films.  Jablosky has also written scores for television, movies and video games.  This is another feather in his cap as he has delivered another brilliant score.  Overall this is a wonderful listening experience and a score that I personally will be listening to over and over.

4 out of 5

Several notable tracks on the score are:
Track #2 – Sentinel Prime
Track #8 – There Is No Plan
Track #11 – Shockwave’s Revenge
Track #14 – It’s Our Fight

Complete Track List
1 Dark Side Of The Moon
2 Sentinel Prime
3 Lost Signal
4 In Time You’ll See
5 Impress Me
6 We Were Gods Once
7 Battle
8 There Is No Plan
9 We All Work For The Decepticons
10 The Fight Will Be Your Own
11 Shockwave’s Revenge
12 No Prisoners, Only Trophies
13 The World Needs You Now
14 It’s Our Fight
15 I’m Just The Messenger
16 I Promise
17 Our Final Hope

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