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Not everything about the Green Lantern movie was terrible.  After listening to the musical score from the film, it’s easy to determine that it’s not all bad.  A good score can make or break a movie and in this case, the score neither makes the film nor does it enhance it much.  It’s not entirely an awful score, but could have used more upbeat tones and be a little faster paced.

The score was written by James Newton Howard who also co-wrote the scores for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  It sounds like Howard tried to employ the same techniques to the Green Lantern score when it could have used something different.  At times it seems like the score is suited for a different movie and is mostly unsuitable for a character like Green Lantern.  Overall I like Howard’s approach to scoring films, with short main character themes than can be easily mixed into the score.  However in this case, this score is just lacking something.

3 out of 5

Notable Tracks
#7 – Genesis of Good and Evil
#8 – The Induction Process
#9 – Welcome To Oa
#10 – We’re Going To Fly Now
#16 – Hal Battles Parallax

Complete Track List
01. Prologue/Paralax Unbound (03:09)
02. Abin Sur Attacked (01:08)
03. Carol Scolds Hal (01:21)
04. Drone Dogfight (03:15)
05. Did Adam Put You Up To This? (02:25)
06. The Ring Chooses Hal (02:34)
07. Genesis Of Good And Evil (02:35)
08. The Induction Process (03:05)
09. Welcome to Oa (01:42)
10. We’re Going To Fly Now (01:53)
11. You Reek Of Fear (02:13)
12. The Origin Of Parallax (03:25)
13. Run (05:30)
14. You Have To Be Chosen (07:27)
15. Hector’s Analysis (01:06)
16. Hal Battles Paralax (07:19)
17. The Corps (02:19)
18. Green Lantern Oath (00:19) (feat. Ryan Reynolds)

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