Sir Ben Kingsley Casted As Next Iron Man Villain

Academy Award Winner, Sir Ben Kingsley, will be taking on Robert Downey Jr. in next year’s Iron Man 3, according to a new article in Variety. However, it wouldn’t be fair if Marvel Entertainment didn’t leave us fans without a teaser…Kingsley is casted, but the villain he’ll be playing is still unnamed.

The third installment of the Iron Man franchise will be directed by Shane Black, who is replacing Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2). Favreau was expected to introduce Iron Man’s most notorious enemy, Mandarin, but with Black now at the helm there’s room for debate. Latest news is that Iron Man 3 will utilize more of Warren Ellis’ Extremis story-line, which has already been mildly incorporated in the previous two Iron Man movies.

However, it still leaves much to ponder on what villain Kingsley might play. Considering the Extremis plot focuses on nanobot technology it makes sense that Kingsley will play a role that helps fuel the nanobot tech plot. That being said, I don’t think Kingsley will be playing Mandarin, even though it may disappoint some Iron Man loyalists out there, I personally belive Black will go in a direction incorporating Justin Hammer, who was introduced in Iron Man 2 (played by Sam Rockwell). Makes sense right? Hammer is an industrial rival of Stark Industries and can supply nearly unlimited resources to any super villain willingly to take down Iron Man.

So, which Iron Man villain will it be? Obadiah Stone is already dead (see Iron Man), so he’s out. Perhaps, Kingsley will play Blizzard, Melter, or even Spymaster all of who were directly connected and employed by Hammer Industries in the Iron Man comics. There’s also the possibility of Kingsley playing Ghost, who wasn’t directly affiliated with Hammer in the comics, but would easily make a nice ally to Hammer Industries in the movie. Or maybe Black will go an entirely new direction and introduce a more scientifically advanced character like Doctor Demonicus who was a superb bio-chemist, but like Hammer shared the same financial fate as him, going bankrupt courtesy of Stark Industries igniting a possible “joint-partnership/revenge” scenario for Iron Man 3. Or who knows maybe we will see a reinvented Mandarin character played by Kingsley in Iron Man 3; after all the Extremis story did re-event Iron Man once upon a time.

Let us know what you think. Till then keep on nerding out folks!!

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