Workshop Wednesday: The “Sandwich” Method


This month’s Worbla Wednesday is hosted by my talented friend, The Fullmetal Cosplayer. She will be taking us through her process of building a leg armor piece for her Edward Elric update. She is using the “sandwich” method we used last month, but taking it up a notch.

So, sit back and enjoy learning more about the wonders of Worbla.





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Keep calm and cosplay on!

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Kevin has been a geek his entire life. Starting back in the days of dedicated comic book and Star Trek cons. Its only been in the last 7 years or so that Kevin has settled into his niche in the geek world as a cosplayer. Kevin can typically be seen wearing one of his many Bioshock costumes at cons all over the southeast. Based out of Knoxville TN, Kevin started The Real Redneck Geek as a way to showcase his creations. Why redneck when that has a lot of negative connotations? Well, as Kevin puts it, one of the traits of a redneck is to make what you have work for you. So, some of his creations can be a very unique use of things like PVC pipes, wood, and foam.
Outside of creating, Kevin's interest lie in cooking, watching TV, movies, anime and reading mangas.