Ultimate Editions of Star Wars Soundtracks Coming This January

The official Star Wars website just released just made musical score geeks very happy. Star Wars and Sony Classical are releasing ultimate editions of the original star wars soundtracks. They will be released in three new definitive editions, Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection, Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Edition, and Star Wars: The Ultimate Digital Collection. They are all of course composed by John Williams and these collector editions will be released worldwide on January 8, 2016. What will they include?


• Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection

Includes each of the six film soundtracks in deluxe gatefold sleeves faithfully replicating the original artwork.


• Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Edition

Includes the original six soundtracks in mini-album jackets, plus a bonus CD featuring audio interviews with Harrison Ford and John Williams. Also included is the DVD Star Wars: A Musical Journey, a one-hour special highlighting select musical themes alongside key sequences from the films. Rounding out the set are a fold-out poster and three collectible stickers.


• Star Wars: The Ultimate Digital Collection

Features a bundle of the six original soundtracks available for the first time as high-definition downloads.


I don’t know about you but I’m definitely going to start saving so I can get myself one of these come January. I predict they will definitely sell out fast!


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