2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Star Trek Edition

The Best Holiday Gifts for Star Trek Fans

Thanks to the new Star Trek films directed by J. J. Abrams and Justin Lin, our beloved franchise has been revived! Now, with Star Trek: Discovery on the rise, we can welcome a batch of new fans into our hearts and hearths. If you’re looking for the perfect Star Trek holiday gift to give to a fannew or oldthis list is bound to make your shopping this season a cinch!

Star Trek Insignia Minky Blanket - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Star Trek EditionStar Trek Insignia Minky Blanket

I think we’re all familiar with Minky Couture‘s designer blankets by now. But did you know there’s another Minky shop that has even cooler, nerdier designs? Well, now you do! Gift this giant Star Trek Insignia Minky to that lovely woman in your life who always seems to be freezing. Minky blankets are soft, cuddly, and this one is just plain awesome! There’s no reason she can’t cuddle up in style.

Star Trek TNG Worf PillowStar Trek: TNG Worf Pillow

Okay, let’s be fair—that Minky blanket is downright expensive. But that doesn’t mean your cold-blooded lady has to suffer. Enter this snuggly TNG Worf Pillow! Measuring at 16″ x 16″, this little Worf isn’t large enough to intimidate anybody. And though he might not be the most warm-hearted of the TNG cast, Worf’s certainly hot-headed enough to keep anyone’s couch cozy.

The Physics of Star Trek CoverThe Physics of Star Trek

Alright, with Worf and a warm blanket, all we need to complete this picture is a good book! Last year, I reviewed Star Trek The Official Guide to Our Universe: The True Science Behind the Starship Voyages (try saying that five times fast) and though it’s big and beautiful, The Physics of Star Trek is a classic. Written by theoretical physicist Lawrence M. Krauss, this non-fiction book was originally published in 1995 but was republished in 2007 due to its popularity.

Star Trek Captain's Log NotebookStar Trek Captain’s Log Notebook

And how about a snazzy Captain’s Log Notebook to go along with that scientific exploration into the far reaches of physics? This 64-page notebook also comes in a passport size for the traveling writer/note-taker. Both sizes make for a good stocking stuffer and neither is very expensive. This is the perfect gift to give if you’re on a tight budget.

Star Trek TNG Hardcover JournalStar Trek: TNG Hard Cover Notebook

Have a friend who loves to write so much that 64 pages is just not enough? No problem! This beautiful TNG Hard Cover Journal by The Coop offers 232 pages at  8.25″ x 5.8″. The Coop has a few different Star Trek covers to choose from. Check out their other novelty products, including this Star Trek wallet I just found. I’ll probably be buying that with some Christmas money!

Star Trek TNG Coloring BookStar Trek: TNG Adult Coloring Book

Don’t have a writer in your friend group or family? What about an artist? Adult coloring books are all the rage, but this TNG Adult Coloring Book is the best (excluding this Harry Potter Coloring: Celebratory Edition book). And—holy crap!—this coloring book is brought to you by Dark Horse. No wonder the art is fantastic! Also, be sure to include some Prismacolor colored pencils in that gift bag.

Star Trek Pizza CutterStar Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

No readers, writers, or artists to find gifts for? Okay, but everybody loves pizza. This Enterprise Pizza Cutter has been around for years, but it continues to be one of my favorite gifts to give. It’s clever. It’s beautiful. It’s useful. Unfortunately, it is not dishwasher safe, but I guess we can’t have everything. Wanna blow your buddy away? Include this Enterprise Bottle Opener in that package and become the best friend of the year (or what’s left of it). Hey, hand me a beer.

Star Trek TNG Faces Oven MittStar Trek: TNG Oven Mitt

Don’t forget to use this TNG Oven Mitt when taking the pizza out of the oven! This insulated cotton mitt is the perfect gift for those nerdy bakers and pizza-eaters. Pair it with these cookie cutters for full effect. Take some time to check out the rest of this adorable Etsy shop. NerdyNoveltyDesign offers a lot of other Star Trek designs, but this one is my favorite.

Star Trek Trivial PursuitStar Trek Trivial Pursuit

No pizza or holiday party is complete without a game. Instead of ripping your hair out over Monopoly, try this Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit. I don’t own this version myself, but the reviews are raving. Unfortunately, this version doesn’t come with a game board or game pieces. But that’s okay—you can still play without them.

Starfleet Academy CertificateStarfleet Academy Certificate

I think we all dream of graduating from Starfleet Academy, but make your daughter’s dream come true with this personalized Starfleet Academy Graduate Certificate. Sure, watching all the series episodes and movies are enough to qualify for graduation, but you should make your golden child read The Physics of Star Trek before handing her the certificate. Zing!

Star Trek CatsStar Trek Cats

Okay, okayI’ll be honestI don’t really know what the point of this Star Trek Cats book is. Amazon offers a small preview of what’s inside the book and I’m still at a loss. But it’s ridiculous and adorable, so I’m recommending it for purchase. Plus, who doesn’t love cats? Don’t think your nerdy cousin will look through it? Gift him the 2018 calendar version so he doesn’t have a choice. Solved!

Star Trek Ships T-ShirtStar Trek Ships T-Shirt

Yes, I’ve been avoiding t-shirts throughout this entire guide, but if you’re looking for an easy gift, this Star Trek Ships T-Shirt is pretty cool. This is the unisex version, but a ladies and a kids version are also available. I’m pro-this shirt because it’s unique and features a variety of ships from our favorite franchise. InfraBlack also has some single-ship shirts to choose from, if you’re looking for something more specific.

Star Trek Tridimensional Chess SetStar Trek Tridimensional Chess Set

Feeling uncharacteristically generous this holiday season? Consider this Tridimensional Chess Set. It’s bold. It’s beautiful. It’s based on the set in episode “Charlie X” of TOS, in which Captain Kirk beats Spock. You honestly can’t get better than this.

What would you add to this list of holiday gifts for Star Trek fans? Let us know in the comments!

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