Young Justice Season 3 Designs Unveiled

Young Justice Returns At Comic Con

Young Justice, that fan favorite show that suffered an ignominious cancellation at the hands of network execs over toys, is coming back.  The third season was announced late last year to much acclaim from fans. At San Diego Comic Con last weekend, we were given our first look at the designs for the third season.

Young Justice OutsidersWhile Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and Arsenal have stayed relatively the same; the others have noticeable changes. Static, who joined The Team at the end of season 2, has an official costume and haircut. Beast Boy’s hair is not shorter and he looks less child like. Bart Allen has combined his Impulse costume with the costume of the late Wally West to create a new Kid Flash suit that is slick and futuristic. Robin, aka Tim Drake, has added a Damian-like hood to his Robin costume.

As for the brand new members of the team, we have Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Arrowette (Cassie Sandsmark) and the mysterious Thirteen. Stephanie Brown was seen in an episode of Season 2 and assisted the Team as a civilian. Arrowette is a newcomer and is likely Green Arrow’s new sidekick. Interestingly enough in the original Young Justice comic, Arrowette was an early member of the group. Thirteen is the most mysterious of the new Young Justice crew. However, it’s likely she’s the show’s version of the mystic hero Traci Thirteen, giving The Team some mystic firepower.

Original Team Members Grown Up

As for the original members of The Team, they’ve gotten some redesigns as well. These mostly comprise of black ops versions of their costumes from season 2. Nightwing and Artemis/Tigress are wearing lower face masks instead of their usual domino masks. Aqualad has grown out his hair and beard and has seemed to have stopped dying it blond. Superboy remains mainly the same. Interestingly, all are lacking their logos, making this reporter wonder if they are up to a really serious mission, one that could have serious ramifications for the Justice League and the Team if they are caught. Also, interestingly enough, Miss Martian is not depicted. Has a rift formed with the original team? As Wally West is presumed dead after the events of Season 2, he’s obviously not depicted here.

Young Justice is set to be on a streaming service, most likely DC’s upcoming service, in 2018.

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