Review – Fun With Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks And Activities

When I received this book to review I thought it would be just instructions on doing tricks with a fidget spinner. Oh was I wrong, it goes beyond just tricks to explain how fidget spinners work and the mechanics behind these little toys?  As an adult, I use a fidget spinner to concentrate at work but even so, I learned something new about the spinners. From the ball bearings that make up the “spinning hub”, to the weights in the ends, and to why the spinners are shaped the way they are. This book even covers mechanics and a bit of physics. If as an adult I learned how fidget spinners are made, to a point that I could make my own, a kid would truly learn a lot.   That is the one thing I really love about this book it teaches you more than tricks, even the myriad of shapes and sizes they come in. Actually now I know how to properly clean my spinner. From the great learning component in the book to the tricks, which ranged from easy to hard this little book has lots to offer.  Though kids probably would easily get some of these tricks some were complicated enough for an adult. What I found to be challenging were tricks that required catching a spinning fidget.  However, with practice and patience, I got the hang of it.  Even so, I am very pleased with this book and many kids will enjoy Fun with Fidget Spinners.

Tricks and Guides

It is a short book packed full of fidget spinner goodness. As I have already covered the learning portion let us get into the actual tricks. When I was waiting in anticipation to get a hold of a copy my thought was it would have detailed numbered instructions that may be a bit boring. This book took it the opposite direction and no it is not boring. Each trick is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks. There is even an uber-advanced section. The next time I go scuba diving I will be sure to take my fidget spinner and try these tricks underwater, till then I was stuck with the land tricks. Every trick is shown being done by David King, known for the YouTube channel GeekBite and who created videos about fidget spinner tricks. Because they are snap shots of him doing the trick you as the reader have to follow along with the instructions. However, I do find the pictures helpful as they give an idea of what to do when trying the trick.

First, let me say these tricks require practice and are not something that can be mastered in a week. I personally have only started getting some of the beginner tricks. As for the instructions, I think the way it is written in such plain wording and tells you exactly what to do was the best approach. Simple yet easy to follow, plus at the end, it gives the reader tips for extra fun with friends, modded spinners, and interesting tidbits of spinner knowledge.

Even though I attempted some of the tricks that I was comfortable doing some required extra skills. For example, one trick required being able to do a backflip, this I was not going to attempt but that is ok, if you are not a gymnast and have a trampoline you can use that, or do a cartwheel.  Most tricks though are easier and just require a spinner and maybe some extra props that most are everyday objects. One great thing is they encourage doing tricks with others. There is also a workbook in the back to record your progress.

Fun with fidgets

This book is a lot of fun, just be careful where you fidget. There is a section in the front that goes into what exactly a fidget is and advises not to do these tricks in class where it is best to use them for concentration. Make sure you have a good quality spinner; mine tended to pop out the covers over the end weights when dropped.

Fun with Fidget Spinners is the book kids who fidget need and even us older folks that need a break from life. Fidget spinners are a great way to get up, out, and have fun. Kids can learn new tricks and be educated all at once. It takes practice but each trick can be mastered and none, except for the uber-advanced tricks, is impossible. That is what is great about this book, tricks that are not impossible, well-written instructions in a language that is easy to follow, and an enthusiastic guy having fun doing each trick. Seeing a real person doing the tricks help you follow along and know these are real tricks.

Games and challenges add to the fun of each trick. Let us not forget to mention that the book also includes on certain tricks “pro tips”. “The 360 Tosser” done outside requires you to toss-up the spinner while spinning around 360 degrees gives a tip to change spin directions after each attempt so not to get dizzy. Also, watch out for birds. I like the one where you have to spin the spinner on a Popsicle. Each trick guide is written to make you follow along but also in a way to be entertaining. I was entertained by just reading through each trick.

Even though I have only truly mastered the “The One Finger Balancing Act”, the one where you balance the spinner on a finger like Michael Jordan and “The Basic Toss” I still enjoy attempting the others with each one more complex and impressive than the last. I also like how we are still using Michael Jordan as a reference, guess he will always be the greatest basketball player. Even if I never achieve the level David King has I could still work on my stunts with a modded spinner.  He gives all these neat little pointers on making your fidget game even more impressive with tricked out spinners.  

If you have a spinner and are a kid you will enjoy learning all the awesome tricks in this book. Adults take note you can enjoy this too, especially if you want to do a fun activity with your kids. So grab your fidget spinner and have fun.

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