Review – Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution

I would like to quickly say this is a review of Lineage 2: Revolution in the United States as of December 2017. This game has been out for almost two years in some countries, but less than one month in America. 

Lineage 2 Revolution
Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution is one of many new mobile MMOs that seem to be flooding the market. Revolution‘s most appealing feature is that it uses “AFK gaming” established in big MMOs like Black Desert Online. Revolution pushes AFK gaming to a level that makes a full MMO experience appealing to people who do not have all day to play on their phones.

Lineage has had many evolutions over the years, which you can check out here!


The gameplay is my biggest gripe with the game. It is 100% AFK gameplay. You pick up a quest and the game automatically does everything you need. 

There are a few exceptions, such as you have to upgrade gear on your own. 

I enjoy some AFK features in games. Black Desert Online has AFK running, fishing, etc. to help take some of the simple tasks off your shoulders. 

It is enjoyable enough, and for a full-fledged cellphone MMO, maybe this style of gameplay is required to make it fun. 


Lineage 2 Revolution gameplay
Lineage 2 Revolution gameplay

Lineage 2: Revolution takes place 100 years after the original Lineage 2 from 2004. Lineage 2 takes place 150 years before the original 90s Lineage. So that puts Revolution between the two original installments. 

There are 18 episodes which are split up into smaller segments. Most of the quests are copy-and-paste fantasy MMO quests: kill X amount of monsters, craft something, heal wounded soldiers, etc. 

The story doesn’t pull me in, but for someone who has played all of the previous Lineage games, there is a chance it could be very compelling. 


The PVP is fun but also falls under AFK gameplay. You pick an opponent of a similar power level, then let the AI do its work. You can turn off auto-battle and fight, but in a one-on-one, your AI will auto-attack and use abilities as quickly as possible. Revolution promises bigger and better PVP coming in the future, and many who have demoed it raved that it is amazing. 

Item infusing and leveling is standard for games like this. 

Revolution brings nothing new or complex to the table of MMORPGs. 

Yet, if you want a fun, in-depth, easy-to-play cellphone game Revolution is for you.

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