The 2018 Korea Image Award Goes To… Amy Chu!

Amy Chu’s Big Night

Comic book author Amy Chu received the 2018 Korea Image Award this week. The award honors those who spread a positive image of Korea across the globe.

A Well-Deserved Accolade

Amy Chu Comics (courtesy of Deathwish Coffee)
Amy Chu signing comics

The comics industry is tough. Although superhero films flood the multiplex, the actual books containing their stories sell adequately at best. Furthermore, those who write titles outside the theater reach an even smaller audience. So, it’s nice to be recognized by those outside your industry. It’s also nice for the comics industry to be the focus of positive news instead of the ComicsGate debacle. 

The Corea Image Communication Institute honored comics author Amy Chu this week with the 2018 Korea Image Award. She joins the ranks of Psy, Pak Se-Ri, and Ban Ki-Moon. Recipients of the award are honored for portraying a positive image of Korea in the global eye. During the awards ceremony, US Ambassador to South Korea, Harry Harris tweeted a picture with the newly-minted award winner. The ambassador had these well-wishes for Chu: 

“Congratulations to author Amy Chu of Alpha Girl Comics and Poison Ivy fame for being a recipient of the Corea Image Communication Institute’s 2018 Korea Image Award. Presented at 9th Cultural Communications Forum in Seoul last night. Go Alpha Girl!”

Although Chu isn’t a household name, she works tirelessly in the comics industry. She is the co-founder of Alpha Girl comics, an imprint focused on publishing inclusive comics. Also, Chu graduated from Harvard Business School, MIT, and Wellesley College. Currently, her ongoing titles include Summit, Red Sonja, and Green Hornet. However, she is most well known for her Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death miniseries and her Wonder Woman series. All in all, Chu is an excellent writer and businesswoman and the comics industry is lucky to have her. So, on behalf of Word of the Nerd, congratulations, Amy Chu!

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