Review – The Librarians S04E10: And Some Dude Named Jeff


The Librarians Get A Reprieve from Schism Talk

In last week’s episode of The Librarians, Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim), Stone (Christian Kane), and Eve (Rebecca Romijn) found ghosts at a Civil War reenactment site.  Due to their experience there, they decided the Librarian team must stay as it is, rather than split up. Meanwhile, Jenkins (John Larroquette) and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) researched the “one librarian” rule. Their research leads them to decide that there must be only one Librarian. 

The Librarians – Photo Credit: Hulu

In this week’s episode of The Librarians, Jenkins wakes up to discover that he has switched bodies against his will. Some dude named Jeff has replaced him, and now Jenkins has to figure out how to get back to the Library. This week’s episode is notable because this week marks Lindy Booth’s directorial debut. Booth is the second major cast member to do work behind the scenes, as well as in front of the camera. Noah Wyle has directed a few episodes, and wrote this season’s “And the Silver Screen”.

I liked this episode overall, although Jeff was rather grating (though that wasn’t the actor’s fault!). The Librarians is always at its best when it acts on humanist impulses. Although Jenkins is ostensibly a grumpy old man who has seen everything, he still has the capacity to befriend humans. He isn’t so above it all, even though he pretends to be. He and Baird have that in common, and I wish this season was using its time better. 

The Librarians and Season Pacing Problems

I’m wondering if some of the problems that The Librarians is having this season are pacing based. This is the first season where this show has had twelve episodes; previous seasons had 10. Although this gives the team behind the show a little more leeway, I wonder if they’re using their extra time in the best manner. 

This season, there have been a couple scheduling snafus. The writing team managed to schedule a Christmas episode and a summer camp episode this season. This would be less egregious if the tethering ceremony didn’t set a strict timeline for the season, making it impossible for both episodes to fit. In addition, there seems to be both too little time and too much time to focus on certain plot elements. It doesn’t feel like there’s been a lot of time for the Librarians to consider how they relate to each other this season. Instead, it feels like the plot is forcing them apart to no apparent constructive end. This show has been about cooperation for the last three seasons. The team has been better together than they have been apart. Is the show tonally changing, or is this fight between them futile?

Next week on The Librarians, the glorious reprieve ends and [checks notes] the Librarians are told that they must duel to the death. No, seriously, that seems to be the plot. What is this, The Hunger Games?

The Librarians airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on TNT.

What did you think about this week’s episode of The Librarians? Talk about it in the comments!



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