Review – The Librarians S04E08: And the Hidden Sanctuary

Last week on The Librarians:

Last week on The Librarians, Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) took the remaining librarians to summer camp. Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) insisted that Cassandra’s (Lindy Booth) lack of experience with “normal” harmed her Librarian potential. Jacob Stone (Christian Kane) befriended a journalist and a forest of magic trees.

Cassandra Gets A Day in the Limelight:

The Librarians S04E08 TNT meltdown cr Allyson Riggs
The Librarians S04E08 TNT meltdown cr Allyson Riggs

Several characters in the last few episodes have implied that Cassandra doesn’t have what it takes to be a Librarian. This pressure has gotten to Cassandra. In the opening of the episode, Cassandra has a bit of a meltdown. Cassandra isn’t neurotypical, and neuroatypical people get overwhelmed by sensory overloads all the time. 

However, this meltdown, combined with her high-pressure job and recent doubts, freaks Cassandra out. Her panic leads her to decide to take a vacation in the “Safest Town in America”. This ends up being a good idea, but a bit of a bad plan. The vacation was a good idea, the destination was the bad plan. Pro tip: if the town you visit doesn’t have a fire department or stoplights and insists they’re still safe, leave. Instead of making that reasonable decision, Cassandra stays there in an attempt to avoid her fear. Cassandra’s overcorrection means that she gets stuck with a magical problem and no solid way to contact the Library. No pressure! 

The Librarians S04E08 TNT Lindy Booth cr Allyson Riggs
The Librarians S04E08 TNT Lindy Booth cr Allyson Riggs

I really liked Cassandra’s journey throughout this episode. Her meltdowns felt realistic to the character, and a perfectly understandable reaction to her job. When Cassandra was separated from the Library, she managed to step up and defend the town, despite the pressure. Her role in this episode was compared easily to Jenkins’ (John Larroquette) new path in the Library. Now that Jenkins is no longer immortal, he says his relationship to the Library has changed. 

What Else Were The Librarians Up To?

In this week’s episode, we hardly saw Eve, Stone, or Ezekiel. They appeared for a scene at the beginning and at the end of the episode. These absences are unusual, even considering that this season has some uneven character coverage. We may decide to assume that the trio was in the Library marking inventory the whole time. However, the Librarians never have that much time to stay in the Library. In next week’s preview, it looks like Eve, Stone, and Ezekiel are wearing the same outfits that they are this episode. However, it’s possible that they’re wearing similar outfits, but not identical. Additionally, Cassandra is nowhere in sight, which is out of the ordinary. I think that next week’s episode will show what the rest of the main cast was doing while Cassandra was out. 

Next week, we may be seeing what Eve, Stone, and Ezekiel were up to while Cassandra was in Havenport. Alternatively, all four of these main characters may be off on a new adventure. Either way, it appears there will be ghosts galore.

The Librarians airs Wednesday nights on TNT at 8pm. 

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