Review – Daredevil #597 (Marvel Comics)

Matt Murdock Keeps His Enemies Close in Daredevil #597

Matthew Murdock takes the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” literally in Daredevil #597. Matt has decided to accept Mayor Fisk’s offer and becomes his Deputy Mayor of New York City! Daredevil cannot do much, as seen in the previous issue, because the NYPD are still out to get him. Mayor Fisk has also started to crack down on street level heroes in New York City. It is up Matt Murdock to stop the Kingpin.

Daredevil #597 Cover by Dan MoraFoggy Nelson does not like the idea of Matt being so close to the Kingpin, but Murdock has a plan to take him down within the system. In the muddy waters of the political system, things are never easy. Matt is ready for a political fight but, when the Muse breaks out of the Inhuman prison, Daredevil may not be!

Charles Soule is doing some dang fine writing in Daredevil #597. There are no big action set pieces, in fact, most of the issue is Matt talking in an office and it is absolutely fantastic. Charles Soule does a wonderful job with the dialogue and scripting of this issue. It is paced well and even though there is a lot of talking it never feels overly “wordy” or a struggle to get through.

It was very interesting to hear the Kingpin’s reasoning for getting Murdock on his team and to find out Matt’s plans and why he accepted. I love that Soule is bringing back the Muse. The history he has with Daredevil and Blindspot now combined with the strained relationship between DD and his former protégé/partner makes for some great dynamics for this story.


Stefano Landini continues to some great work in Daredevil #597, but I am going to get my minor complaints out of the way now. First, I am still not one hundred percent sold on how he draws Matt’s face.  It still looks a little off to me. The other thing is the hair. Why does Matt always have those two strings hair down on his forehead? It is not a good look. And then, in this issue, Foggy Nelson has the same two strings of hair down on his forehead. It is a small thing but it is also very distracting.

Let’s talk about again how incredible Landini draws the Daredevil costume. It looks absolutely amazing! The way the shadows hit and highlight certain parts of the body is perfect. There are some fantastic scenes of Daredevil just standing that look stunning. Landini really does an incredible job. The coloring of Matt Milla only enhances this as he uses a perfect shade of red to enhance Landini’s lines.

The panel structure of Daredevil #597 is also exceptionally well done. It helps the story flow perfectly and makes all the “talking head” scenes feel more lively and vibrant.


Charles Soule has slowly been building an epic storyline since he started on Daredevil and, with issue #600 on the horizon, it looks like everything is coming to a head. Soule is doing some very interesting things with Matt Murdock and I am wondering how he will sort all this out in the end. Daredevil #597 is a very well-crafted comic and Daredevil fans will definitely not want to miss out!

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  • It was… ok. Like every Daredevil comics from Charles Soule. But it’s my problem with his comics: they After Mark Waid, Bendis, Miller… Ok is not enough.

    • I will agree with Bendis and obviously Miller. Waid’s run got a little bit long in the tooth for me especially that second volume, I would also throw Brubaker in there. IDK I have just been really digging Soule’s run as a whole so far.