Review – Jughead: The Hunger #3 (Archie Comics)

Werewolves On The Prowl in Jughead: The Hunger #3


Jughead the Hunger #3 Archie Comics cover by T.Rex
Jughead the Hunger #3 variant cover by T.Rex

In the previous issue, Jughead Jones was saved from being arrested by his once-thought-dead cousin Bingo. Bingo is definitely not dead and he wants to show his dear cousin what being a werewolf is all about in Jughead: The Hunger #3. Jughead is not taking well to being a murderous beast and having his friends out to kill him. Archie is now a full-fledged werewolf hunter, and it looks like his first kill will be his best friend. With famed werewolf hunters Betty and her cousin Bo teaching him, will Archie have what it takes to kill his former friend?

That is not the only thing Jughead has to worry about. The circus is on his tail for his murder of one of their own. There is also trouble brewing in Riverdale as now-werewolf Reggie and now-partner Veronica start their own plot to take revenge on Jughead Jones. Things are getting heated quickly in Jughead: The Hunger #3.

I am enjoying the plot of Jughead: The Hunger overall. I like seeing Jughead struggle with what he has become. The struggle to embrace the monster or fight back against it is intriguing. I am also enjoying the whole Reggie and Veronica team-up as they plot how to take down Jughead for destroying their lives. Everything happening back in Riverdale is very interesting. I don’t really care for the whole Archie, Veronica and Bo team-up. If it were just Archie and Betty I feel it would be a little more interesting. Bo and the other elements they put in just do not interest me as much.


Once again the art is split in Jughead: The Hunger #3. Pat and Tim Kennedy take pages 1-10, while Joe Eisma does 11-20. I am taking a little bit more liking to Joe Eisma’s tighter style. It seems to fit better with the book and has a little more energy to it. Not that it is completely different than Pat and Tim’s style; it is a noticeable difference but not jarring.  I am not sure why they split the art like this; I would like a little bit more consistency with the art. 

It is hard for me to judge the art in Jughead: The Hunger. At some points, I like the more cartoony aspects of it and at other points, I wish it had a little bit more “bite” to it (no pun intended). It is good comic book art, it just seems like it is lacking that “wow” factor to push it to the next level.

Matt Herms’s colors really hold the series together and firmly plant the book in the Archie Horror corner. With the fantastic use of oranges, yellows and reds the book definitely feels like a horror story just from the colors.


Jughead: The Hunger #3 starts to push the story into new directions, but it is still having a little trouble keeping me interested through the whole issue. The art is good, but I wish it had a little more impact to it and the story. For the most part, I am enjoying the series. It is not the best of the Archie Horror books, but it is still an enjoyable read.


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