Review – Lucifer S03E12: All About Her

Lucifer Shows Us it’s All About the Ladies

Lucifer is finally officially back from hiatus, which means our favorite crime-solving duo is back. “All About Her” was a wonderful episode, and an excellent start to the latter half of the season, especially after a jarring first half. The episodes were still mostly good, but compared to what we know the writers can do, they were slightly weak. This episode, written by Alex Katsnelson, was very strong and set a good tone for the rest of the season.

Everyone brought their A-game to this episode, but the ones that shone the brightest were the women. It’s appropriate since the episode is called “All About Her. The cast of Lucifer has some truly incredible female performers who all shone during this week’s episode. Maze is still struggling with Amenadiel and Linda’s closeness while Linda is feeling guilty about lying to her friend. Chloe is allowed to get angry about Lucifer’s actions. Ella is sad about Pierce yelling at her and we get to see Charlotte’s protective instincts come out.

Betrayed and Angry

Lauren German had a lot more to do in this amazing episode and it reminded us why she’s our female lead. Not to mention, why we love her so much. One of my dislikes of the earlier half of the season was that they had very minimal Chloe screentime. It didn’t seem like we were getting her point of view, but all that changed this week.

Lauren German Lucifer S03E12 All About Her
Lauren German Lucifer S03E12 All About Her

Lucifer did something wonderful this episode: they let Chloe Decker get angry. Chloe doesn’t see what viewers see. She’s got no idea of the lengths Lucifer has gone to to protect her, or why he does the things he does. All she sees is her supposed best friend flaking on her time and again. Ever since Lucifer came back from Vegas, the first time, Chloe has been pushing everything down. Instead of reacting to the things he does she just writes them off as “just Lucifer.”

I love Lucifer as a character, but the fact remains, he hasn’t been his best self as of late. He’s been flakier than usual, he’s childish and, yes, extremely selfish. As much as it may pain me to say it, Lucifer in 3A was not a proper partner or a good friend. He was in desperate need of some calling-out and it was beautiful.

We’re Partners

Chloe is still in the dark, something I sincerely hope changes soon. So from her point of view, it’s like she kissed her best friend, then she almost died and he ran away. He came back apparently married to a stripper and no word about what had transpired between them. He checked himself into a mental hospital only to escape and take another patient with him.

Lucifer S03E12 All About Her Lauren German Tom Ellis FOX
Lucifer S03E12 All About Her Lauren German Tom Ellis FOX

Weird things happen and he leaves her a voicemail before disappearing for two days. When he gets back he proceeds to act in a very selfish manner, which culminates in him betraying her trust. So yes, Chloe more than deserves to get angry.

German’s performance is truly incredible. You can see how much she cares about her partner, but how hurt she is. It was also a brilliant showcase of how well she knows her partner. She sees right through his actions and tells him so to his face. And to be honest, this was the only way they could move forward. Otherwise, they would keep going around in circles.

The last thing Lucifer wants to do is hurt Chloe, but the fact remains that he has. And it was something he needed to hear. We see that her words have an effect on Lucifer, with some great acting on Tom Ellis’ part, and it’s like the wheels in his head have finally started to turn again. I love the guy, but if we’re being honest here, Lucifer passed through most of 3A with his head up his own ass, so it’s always nice to see him getting back on track. And yes, him organizing her desk was adorable. As was the scene that followed it, where we see Lucifer actually being a good partner and starting to try to patch things up.

Why Are Love Triangles Necessary?

For a show that excels at thinking outside of the box, it is tiresome that they are doing not one but two love triangles. Love triangles are boring and, most of the time, useless, but they could have done something really interesting with it. I was all for a love triangle if it meant Chloe got to be with a solid guy who treated her the way she deserves. Instead, we got the world’s first murderer.

Lauren German Tom Welling Tom Ellis Lucifer S03E12 All About Her FOX
Lauren German Tom Welling Tom Ellis Lucifer S03E12 All About Her FOX

Pierce hasn’t exactly been the best guy to Chloe (or anyone really), so why is she interested in a guy who doesn’t treat her well? The only decent thing he’s done is saving her life at the ranch. That’s canceled out when you learn he put her in danger in the first place. Chloe should be getting a decent relationship with a man that treats her right and makes Lucifer realize that Chloe’s feelings aren’t his father’s doing. Instead, she’s getting manipulated by a guy with shady plans. I don’t know what Pierce’s plan was before Lucifer came back but I’m guessing it was nothing good.

All of this makes the upcoming love triangle feel off and sketchy. I think Chloe Decker deserves better than this. Which brings up to the other terrible love triangle in the show. Maze, Amenadiel, and Linda all deserve better than this love triangle, especially because it doesn’t exactly make sense. I don’t know if the writers are queer-baiting fans, but it all feels slightly off. Even if Linda and Maze never got together romantically, why would you screw with their friendship? Would Linda really do this to her friend? No matter how this is resolved, one of the three of them is going to get hurt, and it’s not great.

Learn to Defend Yourself

Two of the shining gems of this episode were Tricia Helfer and Aimee Garcia. I’ve never been prouder of being a Charlotte Richards fan.

Lucifer S03E12 Tom Ellis FOX
For an episode “All About Her,” could there maybe have been a FEW shots of the rest of the girls? How is Chloe the only “Her” Fox has official photos of from this episode?

The episode picked up where “The Sin Bin” ended. That means that it’s been a day since Pierce wrongfully screamed at our dear Ella. This is something she isn’t taking very well. Aimee Garcia’s talent shines as we see other sides to our favorite tech. As anyone who’s ever been bullied knows, when someone makes us self-conscious about something, we stop doing it. In this case, Ella stopped talking. Dan and Chloe were the first to figure out something was wrong, but Ella still said nothing.

It wasn’t until Charlotte pointed out that her entire demeanor was different, that Ella finally came clean to someone. Your heart breaks as Ella says “Pierce yelled at me,” and you can see she is trying to hold back tears as she is telling Charlotte what happened. Both Garcia and Tricia Helfer are truly marvelous in their interactions. You can see it affects Charlotte, but she quickly turns it around, telling Ella something very important: people, especially men, are always going to try to put you down. The point is not to let them.

Charlotte tells Ella that she needs to grow a thicker skin and stand up for herself because no one is going to do it for her. The writers discovered a goldmine when they put these two together in “Chloe Does Lucifer,” and they’ve done it again this episode. Despite what Charlotte says, her actions do all the talking. The next time we see her she’s verbally taking Pierce down a few notches while defending Ella. This scene is interesting because the two women aren’t really friends, at least not yet, but Charlotte still stood up for her.

Takedowns and Bitter Souls

After seeing pretty much everyone bend over backwards for Pierce, it was nice to see someone look past all that and go “you know what, you’re not that great” (nothing against Tom Welling, who is that great). Let’s be honest here; Pierce has been a bully, he’s been lowkey racist to Dan, not to mention making him the butt of all the jokes, and he’s been rude to Lucifer, Chloe, and Ella. So seeing Charlotte Richards take him down a few pegs was truly glorious.

We see hints of the old Charlotte here and it’s delightful. We all believe that if she wanted to she probably could crush him like a cockroach. Helfer is first-rate as she shames Pierce for the way he’s treated Ella and then walks away flawlessly. Scenes like that make me thankful for Helfer’s addition to the cast because Charlotte is truly a joy to watch.

One of the final scenes of the episode is Ella finally getting her chance to talk to the man in question, and I could not have been prouder of her. She stands her ground and tells him that he might not like something about her but that doesn’t give him the right to talk to her the way she did. And most importantly, she’s not going to change anything about herself to please him. Aimee Garcia is extraordinary and I wish Ella Lopez had been around while I was growing up, because that scene would have meant the world to a younger me.

I do appreciate Pierce giving her an honest apology, because she deserved that. The best part about Ella is that even though this man hurt her she was still willing to look past that and give him some comfort. We need more people like Ella Lopez in the world.


Charlotte Richards: If I fell apart every time a man told me that he didn’t like what I was doing I’d be in a million pieces right now.

Lucifer Morningstar: I’ll tell everyone who you really are.

Marcus Pierce: Go ahead; they don’t even believe you’re the devil.


Charlotte Richards: Cream? Sugar? Or do you take it dark and bitter like your soul?

Charlotte Richards: You are just that kind of bully that makes me miss my old self. If I wasn’t on the road to virtue and righteousness I would crush you like a cockroach.

Pierce: I believe you. But, look, I don’t know what this is about. I’m sorry if I offended you somehow.

Charlotte Richards: Oh, I’m not the one you should be apologizing to. Ella Lopez may be astonishingly perky and optimistic, but she doesn’t deserve to have her spirit crushed by anyone, especially not a man who, for some unknown reason, she looks up to. Shame on you.


Chloe Decker: Then why are you still here?

Lucifer Morningstar: Because this case matters to you; therefore, it matters to me. We’re partners, Detective.



*I focused mostly on the women in this review but I do want to give a shout-out to Kevin Alejandro who did a fantastic job this episode as well. His work on the case was incredible and I love the growing friendship with Lucifer, between giving him advice and tapping Lucifer on the ass with that file.

*That beach scene proved once again that when they are in sync Lucifer and Chloe are unstoppable. And they looked really classy, which was epic.

*I love the fact that someone in the cast or crew was in charge of looking up old Tom Ellis photoshoots to make Chloe’s new screensaver.

*Here’s what we know: Cain kidnapped Lucifer, he was in charge of those files from “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith,” and he wants to die. Maybe Chloe had no effect on him because he doesn’t care about her. Even back in season 1 it was clear Lucifer cared about Chloe, and maybe it’s the fact that he will still protect her, even knowing he could die, that’s the point. Cain doesn’t have that.

*My prediction is that God gave Lucifer his wings not as a means to an end but as a way to protect himself, and maybe even protect Chloe.

*I promise I do love Tom Welling’s performance, I’m just not a fan of the character, which you know means he’s doing a good job.

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