Iris West Suits Up in Season Four of The Flash

Run, Iris, Run!

Iris West (Candice Patton) The Flash - CW
Candice Patton as Iris West

When Season Four of The Flash returns on Tuesday, February 27, we will see a return of many of our beloved characters. In anticipation of the new episodes, CW released a photo of Iris West (played by Candice Patton). We see her portrayed like never before. She’s donned a purple and blue superhero suit, complete with a mask. This outfit is similar to the ones worn by The Tornado Twins in the comics. The Tornado Twins just so happen to be Barry Allen and Iris West’s crime-fighting twins. We will see Iris donning this new outfit on March 13 in an episode appropriately titled “Run, Iris, Run.”

In this episode, The Flash will come across a new nemesis named Melting Pot (Leonardo Nam). Melting Pot’s abilities allow him to swap people’s DNA. In the process of battling The Flash, Melting Pot manages to transfer The Flash’s super-speed to Iris. Now, it is up to Iris to become the speedy superhero, while The Flash finds himself in a managerial position. They must adapt quickly to their new roles in order to save Central City from certain doom.

A Bit About Barry and Iris West

The Flash/Barry and Iris have had a long and complicated history. They were childhood best friends, even living together after Barry’s father went to prison. All the while, Barry harbored secret romantic feelings for Iris. Iris had her share of romantic flings, and never seemed to see Barry as anything other than a brother. Sometime after Iris discovered that her nerdy friend was actually The Flash, she admitted to sharing these feelings. The pair end up getting married, despite some back-and-forth in the Flashpoint timeline.

Every married couple has its share of tribulations to overcome. It will be interesting to see how these two deal with having their roles reversed. How will The Flash survive without his powers? Will he get them back? If he does, will Iris be able to go back to her ordinary existence? Tune in on March 13th to find out!


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