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The Walls Fall Down in Grass Kings #12

I hate to do this, but I am going to try and quickly summarize issue #11 because it pertains a lot to what happens in Grass Kings #12. In the previous issue of Grass Kings, we learned about Archie’s relationship with Jen. He loved her despite having a family of his own. While nothing physical happened between them, he was ready to leave his family for her. In one of their late-night talks, he remembered Jen seeming scared and in a drunken stupor, he made his way to her trailer, only to find her dead and hanging in her trailer. His first thoughts where selfish, knowing an investigation would lead to people finding the love letters he wrote her. Archie hastily set fire to her trailer burning her body and destroying any evidence of their relationship, until the tape was revealed in the earlier issues. 

Grass Kings #12 - Cover Art by Matt Kindt
Grass Kings #12 – Cover Art by Matt Kindt

These facts only caused more confusion as Bruce brought the information to Sheriff Humbert. In the autopsy report, Jen’s hands had been zip-tied. How could she hang herself and zip tie her own hands? And this was a calling card of the “Thin-Air” killer that had been plaguing Carghill for many years!

In Grass Kings #12 we start to learn about the beginnings of the “Thin-Air” killer and Sheriff Humbert’s past. Things are not going well in the Kingdom, as opening up the case of Jen’s death has caused a rift between everybody in the Grass Kingdom. Robert and Bruce are especially not seeing eye to eye as Robert feels betrayed that Bruce went to Sherriff Humbert with the information about Archie and Jen’s “relationship”, and now it looks like the FBI is going to come down on the Grass Kingdom. 


Once again, Matt Kindt writes a very intense issue with Grass Kings #12. With each and every issue, Kindt seems to be ratcheting up the tension in Grass Kings. You can feel all the characters are at a tipping point and, in Grass Kings #12, some of that tension boils over. Kindt has done an incredible job of building these characters up and letting the reader slowly get to know them. It has been twelve issues, and it is great to have a handle on all of these different characters and what they are about.

I love this little “world” Kindt has built in Grass Kings.  It gives me a Twin Peaks type vibe, without all the supernatural elements. There are just so many things going on within each character’s life. It is just a whirlwind of who to trust and what is really going on with each character.


Tyler and Hilary Jenkins continue to do an incredible job on art in Grass Kings #12. One scene in particular stands out that is shot from the water up perspective. It is a really well-done scene with the almost “mirage” type look for the characters above. The water is a dreamlike blue that is used to perfection. The structure of Grass Kings #12 is well done. Everything just flows nicely together and the way the panels are set up nail the pacing of the story perfectly. The art is immediately eye-catching and sets the tone for the series.


Grass Kings has gone from an interesting book, that I was not really sure what it was about, to an absolute must read for me. I have talked about it a lot in past reviews, but I love how this story has transformed. I am excited for each and every issue of this series. Kindt has done an incredible job with this story and characters. Coupled with Tyler and Hilary Jenkins “dream” like art makes Grass Kings stand out in a sea of comic books.



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