Review – The Librarians S04E11: And the Trial of the One

The Librarians Face Their Cosmic Deadline

Last week on The Librarians, Jenkins (John Larroquette) switched bodies with a hapless loser. He then collected said loser’s friends and quested back to the Library. It was an episode designed to give the fans a break from the angsty, overarching plot. However, the break from angst and plot holes ends this week, so find your tissues. 

The Librarians: And The Trial of the One – Photo Credit: Hulu

This week on The Librarians, the day of tethering has arrived. However, none of the Librarians want to tether to the Library. They’re kind of iffy on the whole immortality thing. The Library then decides that they must face a trial to determine who is worthy. Cassandra (Lindy Booth), Jacob Stone (Christian Kane) and Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) are forced to face their nightmares and fight to the death. Eve’s (Rebecca Romijn) nightmare is being forced to watch without being able to intervene. If they fail to complete their trials, Jenkins’ life will be forfeit. 

The Librarians and Confusing Conflict

Even with the reveal at the end of the episode, it’s not clear how the events of this episode occurred. We’ve already met the Library. For the first half of season two, the Library’s “spirit” was split off from the Library. In “And the Hollow Men,” Flynn (Noah Wyle) helped it (played by Drew Powell) return. In that episode, the Library did not seem like the type of entity to force the death of its employees. Maybe, this season’s villain created the trial, but they did not own up to doing so in their villain monologue. It seems like the writers are having selective memory problems. They’ve remembered that Stone got a magic tattoo, but they don’t seem to remember that the Library is a fundamentally good genius loci. I’m not a TV writer, but one of those seems more fundamental to the series than the other. 

Next Week on The Librarians

There’s always a chance that certain points of this episode are going to be retconned. Eve has to set a reset button next episode anyway. Due to her experience in season one, she should be able to remember her mission, although the villain doesn’t believe her capable. However, it’s unlikely that the villain knows about the timeline split that occurred in season one. If Eve has serious difficulty remembering the Library, we can just add the timeline split to the list of things the writers have clearly forgotten.  

Next week on The Librarians, Eve has to bring the Library (and the status quo) back to her world.

The fourth season finale of The Librarians will air next Wednesday. The Librarians has not yet been renewed for a fifth season. However, The Librarians has never been renewed while the current season is still airing. I’ve seen several people anxious at the lack of renewal when it’s too early to be worried about that.

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