Deadpool 2 Trailer is Officially Out and it’s Hilarious

And the Deadpool 2 trailer is here!

The trailer for Deadpool 2 is now out and true to Deadpool style, it is Hilarious. The trailer stomps on cliches in superhero Movies and even goes as far as making fun of some fan-favorite titles in the comic (Refer to the X-force Joke). The trailer has many jokes and it has me hyped-up waiting for the sequel. 


Deadpool 2 opens up with Dopinder (played by Karan Soni) listening to a song by Air Supply in his car. While this is going on Deadpool is being chased by some thugs. Once in the taxi, Deadpool instructs Dopinder to drive. Dopinder then explains to Deadpool that he is living the dream with a thrilling life and a hot girlfriend. 

The trailer then proceeds to set up the plot of the movie. Cable (Played by Josh Brolin) makes his way from the future to hunt down a boy. Deadpool, in order to protect the child, assembles a team of Mutants to deal with Cable and save the day (presumably). The team consists of returning member Negasonic Teenage Warhead and new members like Domino and Bedlam and other characters who aren’t quite as clear as the rest.

Throughout the trailer, we’re treated to a number of action shots and the establishment of Cable as a possible villain. We also see Wade Wilson doing some tricks in Charles Xavier’s wheelchair from within the X-Men mansion and another shot of the Merc with a Mouth grabbing Colossus’ butt.

The trailer later closes with a discussion on whether there will be a Deadpool 3 or if the franchise should be dead after just a sequel.


The Deadpool 2 trailer certainly has a lot to offer. There are so many references and easter eggs in the entire trailer that a fan of the X-Men could spend days listing them all down. As a fan myself, it’s been a really fun trip finding the easter eggs in the trailer. Long story short, this movie looks like it’ll be fantastic.

Deadpool 2 will officially hit theaters on May 15th, 2018.




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