The Librarians Has Been Cancelled

The Librarians Cancelled After Four Seasons

According to Dean DevlinThe Librarians has been canceled with TNT after four seasons and 42 episodes. The Librarians was an extension of TNT’s ”The Librarian” trilogy. This series starred Rebecca Romijin, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, John Harlan Kim and John Larroquette. The series also featured Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen, the main character from the original films.

The Librarians - Photo Credit: TNT Official Website
The Librarians – Photo Credit: TNT Official Website

Devlin is currently planning to offer the show to other networks, hoping someone else will take a chance on the fantasy drama. Most of the show is currently streaming on Hulu, which may mean Hulu may add it to its growing list of originals. Hulu has saved a show on its service before like The Mindy Project, which just ended after five seasons. On the other hand, Devlin may be able to sell this to another service or network. It doesn’t have to be a Hulu show. It’s always possible that Devlin will be successful in bringing this show to another network, but we do have to say goodbye for now.

The Librarians was one of the few genre shows on television that avoided the grimdark convention. The fourth and final season was the closest the show got, dividing the team on the Library’s future. This season, the entire Library crew nearly divided themselves completely. Luckily for the fans, the fourth season finale was treated by the writers as a possible season finale. This means that they deliberately wrapped up all loose ends in that slightly darker season. The writers wanted to make sure that their viewers weren’t going to be left unsatisfied if the worst happened. 

You can watch seasons 1-3 of The Librarians right now on Hulu.

What did you think of The Librarians‘ last season? What network do you think will pick up the show? Talk about it in the comments!



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