Superman Actress Margot Kidder Dies At 69

Margot Kidder Remembered

Legendary genre film actress Margot Kidder passed away at the age of 69. Her lengthy list of film credits includes Superman, Black Christmas, and The Amityville Horror. In her later years, she found work in indie films and on the convention circuit.

The Woman Who Would Be Lois

Margot Kidder in Superman - IMDB
Margot Kidder in Superman – IMDB

Superman’s been through a lot over the years. But every step of the way, he’s had Lois Lane by his side. And Lois isn’t just some dummy waiting to get rescued. She’s an intrepid reporter who believes in well-executed, ethical journalism. Furthermore, she sees Superman as we do. All at once she is enamored, terrified, and confounded by his power. But, Clark Kent sees Lois the same way. Together, they created Superman’s legacy. And nobody has embodied Lois’s curiosity about the Kryptonian son more than Margot Kidder.

Margot Kidder was born in 1948 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Her mother was a history teacher and her father was an engineer. She pursued acting after seeing Bye Bye Birdie at the age of 12. In 1969, Kidder made her acting debut alongside Beau Bridges in Gally Gally. From there, she secured several roles in Canadian television shows and films. 

After a brief stint in New York studying acting, she appeared in Brian De Palma’s Sisters. The film is a cult classic, and a deep cut for De Palma nerds. Following her appearance in Sisters, she starred in Black Christmas and the Terrence Malick film The Gravy Train. By 1978, Margot Kidder was an established leading lady. Following a break from acting to birth her daughter, Kidder read for Lois Lane. Director Richard Donner flew her to London, and the rest is history. She portrayed Lois in all four Christopher Reeves Superman films. Her portrayal of the intrepid reporter cemented her as the definitive Lois Lane.

Beyond The Man of Steel

While her portrayal of Lois Lane is her most iconic role, Kidder worked up until her death. Following Superman, she appeared in The Amityville Horror and cemented her legacy as a genre actress. Beyond her constant acting gigs, she found time to be a political activist. She championed liberal causes up through the 2016 Presidential Election and contributed to CounterPunch magazine.

All in all, Margot Kidder was an amazing woman, and no article could truly sum up her life. She displayed an unmatched work ethic. To many, she is the ultimate Lois Lane. Unfortunately, the legendary actress passed away in her sleep on May 5th, 2018. Currently, no cause of death is known. Though her death is tragic, she leaves behind a wonderful legacy that she can be proud of.




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