Review – Daredevil #605 (Marvel Comics)

Daredevil #605 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Chris Sprouse
Daredevil #605 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Chris Sprouse
Daredevil #605
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Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Mike Henderson
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: July 11, 2018

The Order of the Dragon and Daredevil make their last stand against the Beast in Daredevil #605.

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Last Stand in Daredevil #605

Matt Murdock has been through a lot these past few issues, with the Beast and the Hand returning to New York City, taking out Wilson Fisk and making Matt Murdock the new mayor, to learning his protégé Blindspot was the whole reason the Beast has returned. And now in Daredevil #605, he finds himself, along with the Order of the Dragon (oh, Matt’s Catholic priest, Father Jordan, is also the leader of an ancient sect of Catholic priest-warriors dedicated to eradicating evil), surrounded by the Hand. To make things even worse, the Kingpin is out of the hospital and looking to take his spot as mayor back! Daredevil is in a lot of trouble but giving up is not an option.


Daredevil #605 (Marvel Comics) cover by Chris Sprouse
Cover by Chris Sprouse

Charles Soule has been going full “comic book” with these recent issues of Daredevil, from having Wilson Fisk take over as Mayor to introducing the Order of the Dragon. It is some way over-the-top stuff, but I love it! I am not going to sit here and tell you it is the greatest Daredevil story ever told—it is not—but it is a heck of a lot of fun to read. Daredevil #605 is the end of this story arc that started in Daredevil #600 with Matt Murdock becoming mayor and the Hand attacking New York City. Soule continues to weave a nice continuation of stories that build upon each other.

Charles Soule also hits a lot of those “hero moments” for Daredevil in this issue—the not giving up, the down-but-not-out trope. And while they are tropes, it is great to see our heroes rise to the occasion and overcome what is happening. The whole Order of the Dragon thing, while a little goofy, adds a new element to the story. They add some fantastic visuals to Daredevil #605 as well.


I do not think I will ever get tired of seeing Mike Henderson draw Daredevil leaping into battle with a giant broadsword. We get a lot more of that action and some other visual surprises in Daredevil #605. Mike Henderson’s more “square” and angled line work fits perfectly well with this story arc. He has some wonderful cartooning throughout Daredevil #605. There is a great scene where Fisk confronts Foggy Nelson, and Henderson does some tremendous work on the characters faces. It is a delightful scene where Henderson’s art perfectly depicts what is going on with some great “character acting.” Matt Milla’s brighter coloring tones also work tremendously well with Henderson’s art style and the story. The brighter colors add a sense of joy and adventure to the story.

One thing that is maybe a little off topic and it doesn’t have anything to do with the artist. But the Beast character design is not intimidating at all when he is not sitting in a chair. With his big belly and tiny little legs, he looks rather comical. I know that has nothing to do with Mike Henderson, as he didn’t design the character. I think they should keep the Beast like Mojo, permanently fixed to a chair.


Daredevil #605 confirms that Matt Murdock lives a strange, strange life. While not the greatest issue ever, Daredevil #605 is a lot of fun and I enjoyed my time reading it. Yes, it has a lot of goofiness to it, but to me, that is part of its charm. Charles Soule continues to build upon everything he has done since this series launched; I am very interested to see where he is taking it. Mike Henderson and Matt Milla make a great art team that delivers some wonderful pages throughout this issue.

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