Review – New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 (Marvel Comics)

New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Ryan Stegman
New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Ryan Stegman
New Mutants: Dead Souls #5
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    Story - 9/10
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    Art - 8.6/10
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    Overall - 8.8/10


Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist: Adam Gorham
Colorists: Michael Garland with Andrew Crossley
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: July 11, 2018

The New Mutants find themselves in a host of trouble when they enter the home of Dr. Strange!

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Welcome Home New Mutants: Dead Souls #5

Illyana has had a rough time as of late. In the previous issue, she spent most of the time thinking she had failed to save Rictor and the plane from crashing. The team was mourning their loss and subsequently began falling apart. That was until she realized she was being manipulated by Tran. Xi’an’s dead brother has been behind all of these ghastly missions and he has a big plan for revenge in the works. Luckily, Illyana was able to break the spell and save Rictor and everybody else on the plane. She also knows where Tran will strike next, which leads to our team breaking into the Sanctum Sanctorum in New Mutants: Dead Souls #5. You know it is always a good idea to break into the Sorcerer Supreme’s house!


New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 (Marvel Comics) cover by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Ryan Stegman

Matthew Rosenberg has been hitting us with some emotional moments these past two issues. From Illyana having to deal with herself as a leader in the previous issue to Strong Guy and Wolfsbane dealing with their internal demons and drama in New Mutants Dead Souls #5, Rosenberg does a wonderful job of balancing the drama in this issue with some fantastic humor. I won’t spoil anything but the conflict between Strong Guy and Wolfsbane is dealt with in a superb way. Those were some really heartfelt pages, dealing with their issues. Rosenberg balances those emotional moments with some fantastic comedic elements, with Tabitha raiding Dr. Strange’s fridge and making a new friend, watching tv, while Rictor runs into some not-so-nice talking snakes!

Rosenberg continues to balance all of these characters well and each one has had a spot to shine in this 6-issue mini-series. He has also paced this mini-series well, and waiting until issue three to give the big reveal worked amazingly well. Rosenberg has done a good job of just letting this series develop and letting the story slowly build up to the finale. 


Setting New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 in the Sanctum Sanctorum lets artist Adam Gorham have a field day with some spectacular visuals. This is the best his art has looked! Not that the art in the other issues is bad, just that letting him off the chain a little showed what he is capable of. There are some fantastic pages and panels where Gorham plays with a surreal type perspective. Things are upside down, twisted and going in different directions. It is wonderfully disorienting, as it should be for the story. Gorham also hits those emotional beats of the story well; his faces have a bit more emotion and perspective than in the previous issues. There are still some awkward facial expressions in this issue, but they are few and far between.

The colors by Michael Garland with Andrew Crossley continue to work well. The little darker tinge to the background and characters give off a nice creepy “haunted house” type vibe. It fits superbly well with New Mutants: Dead Souls #5


This was my favorite issue so far of this mini-series, and with only one more issue to go, it has me excited to see how it ends. Matthew Rosenberg has balanced emotional storytelling with some great comedic beats. I still do not know what is going on with Warlock. Let us just say this issue ends with a bang for his storyline. I am intrigued to see if the Warlock storyline ties into this main one or not. Time is up for the New Mutants—after the shocking conclusion of New Mutants: Dead Souls #5 our team might be truly down for the count!

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