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Little Girl #3
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Writer: Pat Shand
Artist: Olivia Paleaz
Colorist: Fran Gamboa with J.C. Ruiz
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Devil’s Due Comics
Release: October 31, 2018

Abby’s haunted penguin toy finally makes its way back to her parents so she can get her revenge, but is this the end of her story?

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Abby Comes Home in Little Girl #3

Abby has been exacting her revenge from beyond the grave on whoever happens to inherit her old penguin plush toy. Yes, for some reason people have an infatuation with this penguin plush toy and pick it up from the side of the road, crime scenes, the garbage can and give it to people. Then Abby comes and kills them. In Little Girl #3 the plush penguin makes its way back to Abby’s sadistic parents’ house. Once at home, it is time for Abby to exact her revenge on them and their cult, but is this the end of her story or just the beginning? 


Little Girl #3 Cover by Olivia Pelaez
Little Girl #3 (Devil’s Due Entertainment) cover by Olivia Pelaez

Little Girl #3 is the penultimate issue of Devil’s Due Entertainment’s horror story by Pat Shand. We have been following Abby’s ghost as she murders people who may or may not be bad people—in some issues it is clear; others, not so much. Anyway, it turns out whoever inherits this penguin doll is pretty much dead meat. We are not sure whether Abby’s parents killed her yet, but they definitely tortured her in their religious/cult ways. Shand has been showing that pretty well throughout these issues. So, her ghost is basically waiting to get to them, and she does in Little Girl #3

That is basically this story in a nutshell. For a horror story, it is pretty good. Little scary ghost girl murders people. Probably the most preposterous thing is how this dang plush penguin doll makes it to all these people. One guy stole it from a crime scene and tried to win his girlfriend back with it, then another dude dug it out of the trash. I mean, I get we are dealing with a ghost girl and all, but that penguin ain’t that cute.

I do feel Little Girl #3 has some pacing issues. For a horror comic, I got kind of bored through the middle of it. We have been following Abby around for a while and I am not really connected with her story. Some things in Little Girl #3 could have been switched around and others left out entirely. Storywise, the structure throughout the series could have been changed up. Some of these characters also feel like they should have been introduced early on in the series. It would have helped build a character to latch onto throughout the series.


Olivia Pelaez handles the art duties in Little Girl #3 and it is good art. Characters are designed well and Pelaez puts in a good amount of detail with each page or panel. Little Girl #3 has a fantastic panel structure and layouts; it plays out the story well. I like the wonderful background detail used, from posters in rooms to paintings on the cult’s basement walls. Heavy sharp ink lines maximize the detail. Colors by Fran Gamboa with J.C. Ruiz work well, a nice darker color palette that gives Little Girl #3 a creepy “fall” time of year type feel. 

There is a wonderful page of the new girl introduced in this issue, who is obsessed with murder mysteries. She is sitting in her room by the computer. The art team catches the darkness with the light coming off her computer superbly well. The posters on her wall and the way the character sits are just all perfectly done. 

So, the art is technically good in Little Girl #3, but I am not sure it really fits this story. Olivia Pelaez has a bit of a more cartoony/animated style and it really does not fit this horror story. Some scenes that are supposed to be scary made me laugh and I am pretty sure that is not what the book is going for. Just the look on Abby’s ghost face is sometimes comical and the “scary” or “gruesome” parts of the issue do not play that way. I never really felt “scared” while reading Little Girl #3.


Little Girl #3 is an okay horror book. The story could use a little more work. I think we see the ghost of Abby a little too much; by this third issue, seeing the little ghost Girl loses its scariness, especially with the cartoonier vibe of the art. The art is good, but it does not fit the horror story that the Little Girl series is going for. It is just not scary, and this is coming from a guy who is very easily scared by creepy ghost stuff. I want to stress again, the art is good, it just does not fit the story and that is why the score is so low.

Little Girl #3 does continue the backup interviews Shand does with other creators about their own personal ghost encounters. Those continue to be excellent and probably the best thing about this series. These stories creep me out more than the actual comic book itself!

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