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Impressions – Marvel’s Spider-Man(PS4)


Insomniacs games venture into superhero games has finally come about in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Released September 7th, 2018 for PlayStation 4 I have taken a semi-different approach to review it. Not wanting to just run through the whole campaign just for a review. Instead of dedicating 10 hours of gameplay to explore all aspects of the game. To hit a balance of following the story, exploring the city, completing side missions, and gathering collectibles for a well-rounded impression of the game.


This game does feel as if it what made by Spidey fans for Spidey fans. The story starts with Peter already wearing the mask for about 8 years. He has established relationships with villains like Wilson Fisk. A rapport with Police Chief Yuri Watanabe and even a strained relationship with Mary Jane Watson.

The games opening mission has you take down Fisk. As a result, a power vacuum is created in the city with Peter feeling responsible. The story might not be entirely original but what sets it apart is how Insomniac highlights the heart of these characters. It feels weird to say that I felt the love in a video game, but that is exactly what happened. The love Peter feels for the city, his friends and family, and the affections they in turn show to him. A scene in the first few hours of gameplay exemplifies this. It’s a celebration in honor of Aunt May. The situation where Peter tries to distract May from the party’s setup turns from comedic, May saying at one point Pater and M.J would make beautiful babies to an honest heart to heart. Where he tells her how much he respects and admires her. Appreciating all of the sacrifices she made for him, or for anyone else. It’s a quick moment but impactful. And it’s those moments sprinkled in the story that keeps you intrigued and caring for these characters.


Spider-Nan – Gameplay

First things first, web-swinging. The mechanics in this game really work to make you feel like the wall-crawler. At first, it seems pretty straightforward hold R2 to move about the city. But the other elements such as web-zipping, wall running and impact launching allow a customizable feel to how you move about the city.

When the E3 videos were first seen, many made comparisons to the Arkham series of games for combat. These comparisons are justified, but it is by no means a clone. It instead takes the aspects that worked and made it their own. A free flow combat system allows you to feel acrobatic as you punch an enemy in the air then web-zip to one across the street. And as a combo meter fills up allowing for an instant takedown allows for a cinematic experience I had yet to see from a Spider-Man game.

The gadgets in this game are also a testament to it’s writing. They acknowledge and remember that while Spider-Man is strong and tough, Peter Parker is still a scientific genius. Not only can you upgrade your classic web-shooters you also get to make use of other tools. A spider-drone, electric webbing, and a web bomb just to name a few. Suits have interesting customizable features whereas you unlock one with a specific power you can then apply that power to a different suit.  

The City

Insomniac’s take on the city that never sleeps is bustling with things to do. If you focus on one aspect if can start to feel like a grind but there is enough to do strike an even balance. You can go from collecting your old backpacks to taking pictures of famous landmarks, to finding clues left by Black Cat, to clearing smog out of the city, to foiling casino heists, and then to stopping some drug deals. See, a lot to do.


I’m in love. This game will have you immersed in a world where being Spidey is fun as well as emotional. Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man is a joy to play, the only sad part is that only one console can experience it.

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Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Insomniac Games
ESRB: Teen
Console: PlayStation 4

Insomniac first Spider-Man game is a real web to the heart.

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