4 Ways to Deck Out Your Nerd-Tech Dream Home

4 Ways to Deck Out Your Nerd-Tech Dream Home


4 Ways to Deck Out Your Nerd-Tech Dream Home


Linus Tech Tips, one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube, took a tour of DJ and EDM artist Deadmau5’s home in 2017. You can imagine a superstar like Deadmau5 would have one of the most impressive sound studios in the world, but to Linus’ and our delight, his house is a tech nerd’s paradise.

What would you do with millions to spend on toys and gadgets to outfit your dream setup? Maybe this is nothing more than a wish list, but if you ever win the lottery or find an old hard drive full of Bitcoin, these are a few of the boxes you should check when building your space station.

PC Gaming Setup

4 Ways to Deck Out Your Nerd-Tech Dream HomeGamers get pretty creative with their console and home theater setups, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the PC battle stations enthusiasts construct. We’re talking multiple monitors, custom desks, custom lighting and a sound setup that would make IMAX jealous. These rigs can easily cost $10,000 or more. YouTube channels like RandomFrankP have more than a 100 videos showing off gaming setups with dual graphics cards, multiple displays, and all the toys and RGB lights to make it shine.

NERF Battle Zone

If you don’t consider a NERF gun to be tech, then you haven’t been paying attention to what Myth Busters’ Adam Savage can do with modifications. But a couple tricked out NERF guns don’t make for an impressive setup. How about dozens of NERF guns sprawled across a $45,000 FORTRESS? That’s what Instagram special effects artist Zach King built for his team at office headquarters, where the gang routinely does battle through corridors, hidden passages and even down a zip line. This is the closest you will get to playing Goldeneye in real life.

Jarvis-Level Security

All this gear in your home will make it a dream for burglars and a simple alarm system at the front door won’t cut it. You don’t want to just punch a code on your way out and trust that everything is going to be okay. This home calls for 24/7 surveillance with access anywhere in the world. A 4K security camera system gives nerds Ultra HD video clarity and access to home surveillance with just a smartphone. That means you can see your NERF battle zone from anywhere in the world.

“Hey, Alexa…”

We get it, even your grandma has an Alexa in her kitchen. AI voice assistants are hardly technology exclusive to nerd-tech homes, but that’s only because the majority of its users are only scratching the surface of what’s possible. When done right, Alexa and Google can control everything in your home. String Philips Hue light bulbs around your house and each room glows a different color and brightness depending on where you are, your voice commands or time of day. Hook up a Chromecast to your TV and just tell Google what channel you want. Install a Samsung smart fridge and simply command your shopping list into thin air. Voice devices are connecting every piece of tech in our home.

This only scratches the surface of what the dream home for tech nerds can be, but it covers the areas we all love: games, fun, AI and security. So when you do find that hard drive full of Bitcoin … you know where to start.

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