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5 Comics Not to Miss This Week

Iron Man gets a relaunch, the X-Men and Avengers reap what they’ve sown, and DC’s supernatural and cosmic universes keep getting weirder and weirder in this week’s 5 Comics Not to Miss.

Iron Man #1

It’ll be interesting to see what the MarvelNOW! relaunch will be for one of the company’s most famous characters. Thanks to the Marvel Studios and Avengers zeitgeist, Iron Man’s hotter than ever, so the company is probably going to make sure his comic book is extremely well-written and riveting, in order to do the character justice (or at least, I’d hope they would). This debut issue is probably worth a look just to see what the company has plan for Tony Stark, a man who has become a household name.

AvX Consequences #5

This is the last issue of a miniseries that caps off Marvel’s biggest crossover in recent memory, so issue #5 is valuable just to see where the Marvel Universe will take some of the biggest players from Avengers vs. X-Men next. Marvel is changing a lot with their character relationships and the tone of the stories. This issue is a great way to learn how that may play out.


Green Lantern #14

The “Rise of the Third Army” storyline makes this an interesting time for Green Lantern fans, and Geoff Johns has been writing the hell out of it. His introduction of the new lantern, Simon Baz, in the midst of a tumultuous time for his fellow lanterns and the Guardians is enthralling. In this issue, Baz fights the Justice League in what may be an exciting, action-packed entry in DC’s latest cosmic saga.

Animal Man #14

You should be reading Animal Man  if you like superhero comics with a horror flavor. Animal Man fights supervillains like other folks in costumes do, but the tone of his adventures is very dark and often gruesome and strange. This issue is part of the “Rotworld” crossover that explains the nature of his powers and how they fit into the larger supernatural sphere of the DC Universe, so if you’re curious about the overall mythology and you also like your comics with an edge, this one may be for you.

Swamp Thing #14

Swamp Thing is another superhero comic with horror overtones, and it crosses over with Animal Man  right now, thanks to “Rotworld.” But although Swamp Thing and Animal Man have much in common, Swamp Thing is the more famous character, and the reason for that is because the tone of his universe is so well-defined and easy to get, even if supernatural, scary, fatalistic storylines aren’t your thing. But if they are, read an issue of Swamp Thing this week.


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Hilton Collins

Loves all things science fiction and fantasy, and if he had to choose between video games, comic books, movies, TV shows and novels, he’d have a brain aneurysm. Check out his blog at www.superheroesareawesome.com. Twitter: @HiltonCollins

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