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5 Comics Not to Miss This Week

The fallout from Avengers vs. X-Men continues, Lady Shiva makes her true New 52 debut, women continue to explore the depths of space, Ares and Diana meet yet again, and Drake and Becky fend off their frozen foe. Get ready, folks, here are the 5 Comics Not to Miss This Week!

AvX: Consequences #2

You didn’t think Marvel was gonna let things go all that easily, did you? Nope, the fallout   over The Phoenix Five and Cyclops actions continues. The first issue ended with Logan visiting Scott in prison, so one can only imagine what these former teammates/rivals will have to talk about. Probably the weather.






Nightwing #13

Briefly appearing at the end of Nightwing #0, Lady Shiva debuts for realz this time! One of the most beloved assassins-for-hire, and the mother of fan favorite Cassandra Cain, Lady Shiva goes one on one with Nightwing. What’s the relationship between these two skilled fighters? Will Dick be able to hold his own against someone who could best Batman? How many bird jokes will Shiva make? Pick up the issue and see!





Womanthology: Space #2

The Kickstarter project that just keeps giving, Womanthology brings us more work written and drawn by women of all ages as they explore the depths and realities of space. Who’s on board the starship Womanthology this round? Stories by G4’s Blair Butler, Joelle Sellner, and Ellise Heiskell with art by Stacie Ponder, Alicia Fernandez, Jean Kang, Maarta Laiho, and the woman who started it all, Renae DeLiz!





Wonder Woman #13

Diana and Ares (God of War) have a history together, but how will the two interact now that Diana knows her true parentage? Will the teachings of War make them allies or foes? There’s also the matter of Demeter taking Zola’s baby and that whole emergence of Orion thing. So much to cover and so few pages to do it in.





Sword and Sorcery #1

By all accounts, Amy Winston’s 17th birthday probably didn’t go the way she planned. What with the finding out you’re a princess in another realm, your Aunt is out to kill you, oh, and you’re actually a blonde! (Sorry blondies, cheap joke!) Let’s see if Issue #1 can keep up the momentum with Amethyst as well as it’s quasi-futuristic Beowulf story. Call me curious, but I’m intrigued by the presence of one Mr. John Constantine.


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